Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nic Cage Owes Us and U.S.

You've heard about Nicolas Cage's repeat IRS problems, right? He's now been hit with a six million dollar lien from 2007

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LOL Jeremy.

Oh, schadenfreude! I normally don't succumb to your base comedy -- especially when it comes to taxes. I got in trouble when I was 19 and dense about college scholarships -- but it's Nic Cage, so I must take pleasure in this particular misfortune... or enormous fortune as the case may be.

In 2007, Nic Cage Master Thespian won a Razzie nomination for his triple feature: Next, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Ghost Rider. Shouldn't he have to pay us damages as well?

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Andrew K. said...

Damn right he has to pay us. God Nic Cage has really wreaked remarkable havoc on the world with his horrid contributions [or lack of] to the film industry over the last decade or so.
On a side note, why would he want to evade tax? He made but load of cash on those pieces of trash.

Wayne B said...

Oh Nicolas Cage, when are you going to act in another interesting movie like "Adaptation." Can't believe its been seven years since then.

Anonymous said...

Patty Hewes is on the case.


glenn close would eat nicolas cage alive