Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway Goes Hollywood

...and not only by relocating to the City of Angels. The fashion design competition also enlisted two movie stars for their big premiere night. Well... one actual movie star at any rate. We'll get to the other in a sec.

Designers... meet Nicole Kidman!

I am a huge huge fan of Project Runway. You're all so talented... give my best to Tim
After announcing that the winning dress would be worn at the movie premiere of Nine -- she didn't specify by whom, mind you, could be a publicist for all we know -- she blew a kiss to Tim Gunn. Even better than watching Kidman's recorded message was seeing the reaction of the designers, which was primarily that of stunned joy. Though they would have made my night (hell, my week) if but one of them had broken down in hysterical shaking tears at the sight of her, like a tween at a Jonas Bros concert. Nicki deserves it!

Only the perpetually bummed but ridonculously talented Korto was unphased by the star wattage of the one and only.

Lifetime, obviously desperate for viewers and banking on the show they nabbed from Bravo, spent 3 and 1/2 hours celebrating all things Project Runway last night. First the All Star challenge then a season premiere and a spin-off. Can you say overkill? After their bonafide A List movie cameo, Lifetime turned to Lindsay Lohan for another sprinkling of stardust for the season premiere.

One never knows what's left on the cutting room floor when it comes to reality television but Lindsay seemed focused, serious... smart even. So much so that I started to feel bad for her.

If she's that together doesn't that mean she's fully cognizant of her own downfall? Her Mean Girls co-stars aren't exactly starring in Lifetime television movies these days.

<-- At least Lohan got some love from one of the designers.

Did you watch last night? Would you feel stunned joy to see Nicole Kidman on a TV screen talking directly to you? Or maybe you'd rather tell Lindsay Lohan you love her in person.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that Nikki never did specify who would be wearing the dress. I could definitely see Nicole in Daniel V's red carpet look (which was the only thing I cared for in his line. I reckon years of watching Runway does not give one a true eye for "fashion"), but that dress doesn't seem like enough for the premiere of NINE. This has the potential to be the most glamorous premiere we've seen in ages. That funky little cocktail dress won't cut it.


Andrew K. said...

Trust me Nathaniel. If it was me I'd have broken out in histrionics and probably fainted or done something crazy. Tsk, if Nicole K can't get the reception she deserves what is the world coming to.
As for Lindsay, I suppose I remain as one of the few who doesn't believe she's at the end of her rope. Hopefully this is the beginning of an uphill slope for her.

Josh said...


Ugh. I've missed it so.

J.L said...

I Don't know a lot about Project Runaway. But I love Nicole Kidman and i'm very happy she got her red hair back. She looks great in it :)

Derreck said...

i think my heart would've imploded so it's a good thing it wasn't directed at me. geez, i need to see this woman in person at least once in my life. I watched the challenge last night but i still managed to miss the Nicole appearance. Lovely to see that she rocked the red hair. I hope she keeps it up for a very, very, long time.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I don't know how I'd feel if I were actually on Project Runaway, but I think I would feel a little indignant that Nicole had to make a tape rather then meet us live in Hollywood.

Come on Now. The teary eyed part is not about Nicole on tape, but about the possibily of having my dress premier on the red carpet, no?

I did not see it though. I just gave up my cable. Why am I paying $100 to waste my time. But now I'm thinking that I need a boyfriend with cable, or is this on Hulu already?

Chris Na Taraja said...

And Nat, are you now comparing your cat to Sigourney Weaver?

adam k. said...

I thought Nicole said the dress was for her to wear to the premiere? Maybe I made that up.

Is my group the only one who thought Korto was totally robbed? She was by far the best of the top four. Ulli's line was also great, and she didn't deserve a bottom for placement. But Daniel?? I HATED his line, other than the red carpet look, which I admit was very chic. Maybe they gave it more weight, since it's the one someone will be wearing? But I couldn't stand all the blue eye makeup and blah slate grey clothing.

Korto deserved it hands down. When she went all Effie White on their asses, I was right there with her.

Nikki said...

I agree with Adam K., I thought maybe I just didn't get it sort of like Andy in DWP with the two

I liked Daniel a lot in his season, but his line wasn't that impressive. I liked Chris's and Korto's better. I seriously hope Nicole doesn't wear that to her Nine premiere, it's cute but glamorous, no.

You also have to consider the fact that we're movie freaks and we would be ecstatic to see Nicole.

The average moviegoer probably only sees a movie (in theatres) like 8 or 9 times a year. Most of my friends and family don't even know who she is. They were probably more excited that their dress might be shown on the Red Carpet.

As for Lindsay, she definitely had a lot of great input. I never saw her as this great actress. Sure she's charming, but she's never given an awe inspiring performance. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'd be more worried about Dunst who's had a better resume and better performances.

pineapplesundae said...

Nicole filmed this while in NY shooting Rabbit Hole. I doubt even if she wanted to be there she could have. Great to see her, anywhere on tv. I can't remember the last time she was on show, must have been to promote Australia

I think she could pull off the winning dress. She looks fab in minis. And even fabber with the red hair.

Anonymous said...

Please please please..POST THE VIDEO NATHANIEL!!! Please..It's very important!!

Anonymous said...

Is it online somewhere (Nicole´s clip I mean). I have been looking for it for ages, unsuccessfully I have to say.
Does someone have a link to it?

Nicole looks amazing though. I LOVE her red hair. I would have fainted if I was one of those young designers.

Janice said...

Don't forget we need to thank John Cameron Mitchell for the return of the red hair. Like, everyday. Of course it took a fabulously talented and out gay director to bring it back.

pineapplesundae said...

This is a link to video through E Online:

steve said...

for hysterical shaking & tears, she needs to be the surprise judge on RuPaul's Drag Race

now *that* would be stellar :D