Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrity Endorsement

I knew it!

I figured Mr Prickle Pants for an Oscar buff. I bet he roots for the Dames and the Sirs and the Streep each year -- they're classically trained! I'm so pleased he's spreading the good word about The Film Experience to his new toy friends.

Mr Prickle Pants, voiced by former Bond Timothy Dalton, is my favorite new character in Toy Story 3 (my review). I say that with apologies to vain Ken, sweet Dolly and creepy Big Baby and probably in that order. Lotso, monkey and octopus had their moments, too.

In Mr. PP's honor I've started work on the new Oscar Predictions. The only thing completed so far is updates to the Animated and Documentary Feature page. But more will follow over the next few days.
* Toy Story 3


vg21 said...

Wow, Nathaniel, lovely entry! I loved him as well, his subtle snobbery and that Romeo and Juliet performance were priceless! :).

Anyway, I can't wait for the Oscar predictions. I have already bumped into a forum contemplating the possibility of another Bening-Swank duel. The aspect that I'm always with Annette (and she is also way overdue) aside, if H. Swank gets a 3rd Oscar while Meryl Streep has only 2, I'm going to quit watching or even giving a single thought to the Academy Awards, I swear.


vg21 -- it's not going to happen don't worry. That's just websites trying to up their page views.

I can sometimes be a pessimist but the only way Hilary Swank ever wins a 3rd is if she's in some kind of behemoth Oscar sweeper like a Ben-Hur, Titanic or Gone With the Wind. And those come around once every few decades only.

I suppose she could win one when she's an old lady but no way is it likely.

Terry said...

Also loved Mr Prickle Pants, but my favorite new character has to be adorable little Bonnie!!


"we do a lot of improv here"

Alex said...

Hilary Swnk is the new Glenda Jackson. Her time is done. You've won a couple, now quit before the backlash gets too extreme.

Anonymous said...

I loved Toy Story 3, but I wish someone outside Pixar would get a real chance too.

Volvagia said...

Please don't let Tangled or Shrek Forever After be Best Animated Feature nominees. I'd say, If Five: Despicable Me (yes it's all over the place, but Steve Carell is at least trying something different) and Legend of the Guardians (ignored "not our middle brow taste" director slot.) Megamind is, in the most painful ways, a "Dreamworks" production top to bottom. (Faltering Star (Woody Allen, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jerry Seinfeld, Reese Witherspoon and now Will Ferrell) leads Joke Fest with loosely unifying themes (every movie except How to Train Your Dragon) that is obsessed with how modern society works (everything except Kung Fu Panda), sometimes through painstakingly punny re-creations of outer-world pop cultural construction or uninspired recreations of social conventions (Shrek 2, Shrek 3, Shark Tale, Bee Movie and How to Train Your Dragon.) My favourites are the ones where they integrate their interests fairly naturally by having their characters be familiar with modern society or create a movie ignoring those repetitive interests (Madagascar, Monsters vs. Aliens, Over the Hedge, Kung Fu Panda). They seem to be moving away from their obession with modernity, but that puts them in competition with Pixar, a move that leaves them exposed to an even more critical approach if they fail. Essentially, it's the only reason their original concepts never get "worst movie ever" scores on Rotten Tomatoes

SoSueMesha said...

How odd would it be if Clooney, Firth, and Bridges were nominated for Best Actor a second year in a row? It could happen!

Nathaniel, where is Javier on your best actor prediction list?

Poor Hillsy Swank. Why no love for her? A friend of mine met her post first Oscar, but pre second Oscar, and said she was very personable and polite.

Volvagia said...

It's not about her personality (see the Jim Carrey backlash for that) it's about the relative lack of talent on display in a lot of her films, which is the only thing that should be judged in a PERFORMER. And cinematic quality is the only thing that should be judged in a movie.


sosue -- i haven't finished updating any page other than animation yet. so that's why Bardem isn't there.

Andrew R. said...

Best Pixar Character from Each Film:

Toy Story-Hamm
Bug's Life-Francis
TS2-Emperor Zurg
Monsters Inc-Mike
Finding Nemo-Dory
Incredibles-Edna Mode
WALL-E-Either WALL-E or MO
TS3-Mr Pricklepants

RWilson said...

I saw The Illusionist next week and it's even better than The Triplets of Belleville. But if there is room for two french animated films than maybe The Rabbi's Cat by the new beloved director in France, Joann Sfar (Gainsbourg), could also have a chance.

paco. said...

LOVED seeing Totoro in the movie!