Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Future is Link

future movies
Burlesque now has a website so you can actually try to work up excitement from the sparkly logo design until a teaser hits. Hurry up, teaser!
In Contention has a teaser poster for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere. I like it. I'm sure we'll get something more generic before release though.
/Film Sam Raimi for Oz, The Great and Powerful. Not a bad choice
Movie|Line Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Ramona's seven evil exes get their own posters
Low Resolution says what needs to be said about the Tom Cruise Les Grossman pic.
Just Jared Reshoot set photos from The Adjustment Bureau with Emily Blunt & Matt Damon
MTV Movies Charlize Theron joining Tom Hardy for the next Mad Max film

And here's the first official still from The Tourist (2011)

Jolie means Pretty in French... or any other language.

Natasha VC speaks wise words about Adrien Brody.
Old Hollywood
Barbara Stanwyck will own it.
Movie|Line funny bit on the first official still from Mad Men season 4.
Twitch a promo for HBO's new series Boardwalk Empire about Atlantic City. Good luck being as good as Atlantic City (1981)... no relation but for locale.
Noh Way on the upcoming revival of Evita.
Deadline Hollywood on Karate Kid's resounding box office beat down over The A Team.
Towleroad Joan Rivers and my continued plea for Friday Night Lights Emmy love.
A Socialite's Life celebs galore at the AFI party honoring Mike Nichols.


Andrew R. said...

Poster for Somewhere-That's not a teaser! It says nothing!

Sam Raimi for Oz-That'll be awesome.

Scott Pilgrim Exes-I wish they had varied the design a little more, but cool.

Stanwyck Quote-I love it, but that would make Double Indemnity such a crappy film.

Philip said...

Nathaniel, are you going to post anything about the Tonys?

Janice said...

Charlize turned down "The Danish Girl" with Nicole Kidman for a Mad Max redo? That disappoints me.