Wednesday, June 09, 2010

don't wanna link, don't wanna touch...

... just smoke one cigarette and hush
don't call my name, don't call my name, Roberto

Stuff No One Told Me Love this. Disney and Porn = eternal human frustration.
MNPP Everything you ever need to know about life... you can learn from Psycho (1960)
Antagony & Ecstasy looks back at the evolution of Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy in a summer blockbuster history series
Cinematical Paul Rudd, soon to be the Idiot Brother, gets four fine funny actresses as co-stars

Emma Frost illustration by Adam Hughes

Movie|Line the angsty drama of 'how will Sandra bullock follow that Oscar?' Methinks her team is thinking too hard. Nobody wants her doing prestige pics.
Socialite's Life Matthew Morrison (Glee) recording a solo CD. I'd be thrilled to buy this (his voice is amazing -- check out the CD of Light in the Piazza for proof) but for the fact that he's gettin JustinTimberlakey with it. Yawn.
What's Good/ What Blows
the dismaying punishment of Charlie Sheen.
Cinematical Michael Fassbender has his choice of two supervillain roles. Which will he go with? Either way he ends up opposite a fine actor (James McAvoy in X-Men: First Class or Jamie Bell in Spider-Man)
Empire speaking of X-Men... seems that Rosamund Pike may be up for the part of Emma Frost, the White Queen. Now that is a casting decision I can really get behind. Love both the actress and the character.
I Need My Fix True Blood season premiere brings the stars out. Is there a more attractive cast on television?
The Big Picture looks at the critic vs. audience divide on Splice.
Boing Boing more on recent silent film discoveries. I always get so excited to hear about found films
In Contention could "Shine" be an Original Song hopeful at the Oscars? I'm still struggling to understand what everyone else sees in that highly praised Waiting for Superman documentary (I didn't like it) but I agree that it's probably going to be up for the doc Oscar.

More on Lady Gaga's "Alejandro"
my piece yesterday in case you missed it
Low Resolution "Instantly Dated Thoughts"
The Critical Condition "Theft and/or Borrowing"
The Critical Condition ...and an interesting follow up piece about the cultural awakenings that happen in our youth.
Flavor Pill "Guide to Madonna References"
Rolling Stone director Steven Klein talks about the video, avoids the Madonna question.
popbytes (I do a brief weekly column here now). The video got me thinking about freaky movie nuns.
Guardian rounds up the groups claiming offense.
The Atlantic Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga "The Battle of the Bras"


Volvagia said...

Best Documentary is a joke. An utter joke. It should be divided into 3: Best Documentary Feature, Political (What the category pretty much is right now) (3 nominees), Best Documentary Feature, Apolitical (For things like The King of Kong and Anvil!, among others) (3 nominees) and Best Overall Documentary Feature (Winners of both seperated categories and 3 other nominees.)

Kyle said...

mmm, Rosamund Pike should be in everything haha

I dislike both of their musical stylings (horribly boring stuff) but I prefer to look at Katy Perry if it's a choice between the two, but that's the straight male in me talking.

Andrew R. said...

I liked Splice! Hmph.

Hans said...

Jamie Bell's the new Spiderman? When did this happen?


hans -- no confirmation from studio yet but that's the loud internet-wide rumor as of two days ago.


@volvagia -- you're right but then... the documentary category has pretty much always been like that, hasn't it? It's really no different than the way people view fictional features about "important" topics as automatically better than lighter material in Best Picture. even though that's by no means a sound logical leap.

Deus Ex Machina said...

Freaky movie nuns an no mention of Kathleen Byron and Deborah Kerr in "Black Narcissus"?????

Deborah Lipp said...

Disney & Porn is GLORIOUS!!

Rosamund Pike *already* played the Ice Queen -- in Die Another Day. Talk about type-casting!

Volvagia, I haven't forgiven Best Doc for choosing March of the Penguins over Murderball.


deborah -- i'm glad someone noticed. it's just so true and smart.

Volvagia said...

And the worst offenders think no one notices the poisonous chance based effruvent they spew. Grow up! Think about what could happen if you meet that Prince Charming or insatiable whore. Respectively regret (idiotic, impotent a-hole) or jealousy (Boogie Nights, anybody?)