Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DVDs: SHOWGIRLS and The Proud Book of Tears From Paris Island

DVD releases have been slim picking as of late. Here's a sample of the new titles from the past couple of weeks. I'd allow you to vote for a DVD writeup but I'm three movies behind. Next time, next time...

  • The Book of Eli - Tough guy Denzel Washington kicks apocalyptic ass.
  • Cinema Pride Collection - June is gay pride month so this collection offers up ten movies and it goes like so: (60s) The Children's Hour, (70s) La Cage Aux Folles, (80s) My Beautiful Laundrette, (90s) The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Birdcage, Bent, The Object of My Affection, Boys Don't Cry, (00s) Kissing Jessica Stein, Imagine Me and You. I'm letting you know about all of them because...

    • I find it so weird that a "pride" collection features The Children's Hour and Kissing Jessica Stein even though I actually like both movies.
    • they were kind enough to send me the whole box set.
    • I'm excited to revisit Boys Don't Cry.
    • My Beautiful Laundrette is one of my favorite films from the 80s entire and now I can revisit Daniel Day-Lewis with punk blonde 'do any time I like.

    I just did an bullet point list within a bullet point list. I am so fancy.

  • Coach - Hugh Dancy goes straight to DVD in his latest romance. Mmmm, Dancy.
  • From Paris With Love - Jonathan Rhys Meyers & John Travolta play CIA Agents in the city of love. If this were about JRM making love to Parisians I'd be interested but I'm assuming both stars are just shooting people. Zzzz.
  • Happy Tears - Parker Posey and Demi Moore have trouble with dad Rip Torn
  • Mary & Max - I highly recommend you check out this odd animated pen pal romance from Australia. Toni Collette and Philip Seymour Hoffman provide voicework and the whole movie is entirely its own thing. That's always a compliment.

  • Shutter Island - in which Martin Scorsese obsesses over insane people. I wish he hadn't opened the movie with DiCaprio all sweaty/disoriented. Too easy. I don't understand the appeal of this movie so tell me what I missed.
  • When in Rome - My friend Luca is in this Kristen Bell vehicle and I shamefully skipped. Perhaps I will risk it on DVD despite the reviews? Will Kristen Bell get a feature worthy of her or should she go back to prime time series work. What say you?
  • Youth in Revolt - In which Michael Cera argues with himself. Not about whether or not he should do an Arrested Development movie. Well, duh, shouldn't he?
Which will you see/have already seen?

My apologies... I buried the lead.

<--- This arrived by UPS at the door just yesterday and I nearly squealed but for the man standing in front of me asking me to sign for it. Inside I was squealing, mind, and also criss crossing my hands in front of my face in homage to Nomi's famous dance move. What she learned you can't teach in any school!

Yes, it's the 15th anniversary blu-ray of total classic Showgirls (1995). It used to be a Bad Movie We Love and now it's just a Movie We Love Unconditionally and I am proud to say that I went on opening weekend in Salt Lake City even though they weren't allowed to advertise the movie in the paper. Way too naughty for the Mormons.
Can't wait to see it for the umpteenth time though these extras "finding your inner stripper" and lap dance tutorial sounds suspect. We'll see.


Deivith Coast said...

I think My Beautiful Laundrette is also one of my favourites of the 80s! What a great film, Daniel Day Lewis is gorgeous!!

And Showgirls...Amazing. Really amazing. It can´t be funnier, so many unforgettable dialogues...And very misunderstood by people. Great great movie.

pomme said...

i dislike Shutter Island:it's too pompous and predictable with the crazy Leo in the beginning!
but i'm crazy in love "Max&Mary"

Jason Adams said...

I saw Showgirls opening weekend too! Midnight show the Friday it opened actually, and the crowd started chanting, "Tits! Tits! Tits!' when the lights went down. IT WAS GLORIOUS. One of my preeminent movie-going experiences ever.

Robert said...

I think the fun of Shutter Island is in fact being able to predict the ending early and watching all the evidence pile up proving you right. That and all the allusions to classic thrillers.

allprokgb said...

My favorite part of shutter island was the last line that Leo says.

paxton said...

Dude, as one of your most loyal lds readers, you got to let go the mormons thing already. It's not right, it's not fair.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, Showgirls. You are immaculate.

Unknown said...

Showgirls!!!!! A modern day All about Eve set in Vegas with music!, what could go wrong, ha? I even delayed my vacations just to see it opening night. My poor brother who I dragged along was furious when the lights went on. I was delighted. He thought it was the worst movie ever. I thought it was a joy! Did we see the same film? I don't know. He hasn't forgiven me yet.


@paxton -- oh come on. Religious people NEED to have a sense of humor about their own hangups. Mormons are horrified by this type of thing. I know because I was one and because I lived there for many years.

If all religious people could laugh about themselves on occasion it would be a much happier world with less strife.

and i'm sure i mention Mormonism no more than twice a year or so. You can handle it.

Robert -- that's an interesting read. Only I knew at the beginning (cuz I'd read the book) and it just felt like a slog to me. But i'm glad some people who found it predictable enjoyed it anyway. I thought the enjoyment would rest on the suspense of which there was none for me.

steve said...

so how is the Showgirls blu ray?

I was seriously considering getting that

good pic quality & extras?

Chris Na Taraja said...

My Pride collection would probably be....

Some Random Openly gay film from the 20's & 30's
The Wizard of Oz
I might actually keep the Childrens Hour
As well as La cage, but NOT Birdcage YUK!
Also Priscilla
Boys in the Band
Mommie Dearest
Torch Song Trilogy
Long Time Companion
Big Eden
Brokeback (even though I hate it)