Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Link Together, yeahyeahyeah, think of all that we could sha-are.

Tyler Coates shares my favorite personal anecdote post of this past week. Yay, Parent Trap.
Peel Slowly offers up several examples of movies recreating paintings. Neat stuff.

Material Girl Yes, it's true. Madonna's firstborn is now a (fashion) blogger. She loves all things 80s apparently like 4realz. Believe it or not I threw a first birthday party for Lourdes (aka Lola) in 1997 with my roomie at the time who was also a Madonna man. Our apartment was packed -- anything Madonna themed you know -- and we gave all the donations to a local children's hospital. So, see, one can use celebrity obsessive powers for good.
Movie|Line "9 dates that will shape the rest of 2010."
I Need My Fix Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are now married in case you hadn't heard or cared.
In Contention Tree of Life is Apparition's sole 2010 release now. "And who knows if we'll even see it in 2010," Nathaniel the cynic adds.

Anita Kunz
She's one of my favorite illustrators and she drew 100 nude male celebrities for an artshow in Toronto. How funny. This is but a 3% sample. But if you're in Toronto, go see it. Report back.
Eye Scoop Excuse me, how had I not heard that Christophe Honore was doing another musical with Ludivine Sagnier and Louis Garrel (from Love Songs)! So excited. That film just grows on you.
Cinematical Peter Sarsgaard goes Bluegrass.

A Blog Next Door suggests you watch TiMER on Netflix Instant Watch and so do I. Anya!
Wonder Woman has a new look. I'm sure this will be applauded widely but I can't help but worry that it's one more step in completely genericizing all superheroes. Watch it turn into black form fitting armory leather for the movie which all superheroes seem to be wearing ever since they held a mass costume designing conference in 2000 and decreed that The Matrix and The X-Men were the new standards for f/x costuming.
The Awl
a conversation about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that has to be more entertaining than the movie.

Finally, Towleroad alerts us to a rare moment of levity in the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Elena Kagan. The "Edward vs. Jacob case"

I don't even know what to say...

P.S. If you've been following me on Twitter, you already know that I met Julianne Moore today. Yes, yes, I'll tell you all about it soon enough. I have to process first. [gulp] I reached out my hand to shake hers and... she hugged me!


cal roth said...

Have you seen Honoré's two movies after Love Songs? I haven't seen Making Plans for Lena, but La Belle Personne is unbelievably good. Gregoire Le Prince Ringuet is absolutely fantastic in it.

Marsha Mason said...

I wouldn't be able to peel myself off the floor to type if I'd just met Julianne.


Marsha -- i had to take a nap afterwards. And I don't nap!

Cal -- i have not. but i shall add to the cue. I like Gregoire. he was in the luxembourg oscar submission last year too. must see more.

James T said...

Um.. What??? A hug by La Moore??

So, apparently you've talked to Winslet, Pfeiffer, seen Streep AND hugged Moore! Do you realise you're not one of us anymore??

Dammit! Now I have to say nasty things about you cause you're a celebrity (in my book). I don't want to! I still like you :p

Fox and Austin Green? Tori Spelling will be furious! What? Beverly Hills 90210 was only a TV show??? Noooo.

And how cool is your life anyway? A party for Lourdes followed by donation? Why am I not doing these things? They're not even THAT hard.

By the way, I wanted to marry Lourdes back in 199.. That should have been enough for me to realise I'm gay :p

City_Of_Lights said...

Lucky you. Julianne is one of those actresses I just really really like as a person. Is Kidman the only one left you haven't met?

Montefiore said...

Something tells me neither Jacob nor Edward is Miss Kagan's favourite character.

Daniel Armour said...

Have to agree about Wonder Woman's new costume. Sure, it'll make it easier to adapt Wonder Woman into a live action feature film but it lacks uniqueness and - call me a typical guy - sex appeal. However, fighting in heels and star spangled panties can't be easy - in terms of performance or credibility among superheroes - so there's at least some logical reasons for the change. Also, on its own merits, the costume is decent-ish. Still, I just can't get behind it. Sorry DC.

/3rtfu11 said...

Meryl Streep certainly not her #1 fan – but I couldn’t help but get excited behind the news she’ll be playing the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher! I actually want her to get her 3rd Oscar so we can all relax.

/3rtfu11 said...



i'm just having time problems. I'll get back to it

chris na Taraja said...

A friend of a friend lives next door to Julianne Moore and bites off of her internet. It's sad but true.

James T said...

Oh Meryl, please do a variation of Miranda and not of that woman from the Manchurian Candidate!

But seriously; the director of Mamma Mia? How's that going to work?

It will! It must!

Kevin P. Durkin said...

The fact that anyone mildly intelligent saw "Eclipse" after you had not one, but TWO, reasons not to see it (Twilight one and two), baffles me. Like come on people.

P.S. Children are no excuse. Force them to go to a matinee if they are 15. That is a perfectly competent age to handle a movie viewing without adult supervision.

Lara said...

I'm so happy for you! What I would do to have the opportunity to talk to La Moore ... can't wait for your interview and your notes on it.
Chris, I can't believe Julianne would be so naive to have an open network. And even if, how does your friend knows it's hers? Or am displaying complete lack of knowledge now?

SoSueMe said...

That Johnny Depp nude illustration makes me a little tingly.

John T said...

You met Moore Nat, and I met Amy Klobuchar, who is asking Kagan the question! :)