Thursday, June 17, 2010

Never Let That Go

I like the way Film Experience reader Kenn thinks. He made this for image for his tumblr and it's reprinted here with his permission.

Though this reminds me of those dread horizontal slice posters, I approve of the first panel 150%. I'll never let that go... for shame, Academy, for shame. I can't wait to see what good ol' Sally does with this new opportunity in Never Let Me Go.

Meanwhile... Wouldn't it be hilarious if movie trailers used "shoulda's" in their advertisements. Which shoulda would you add to new trailers?
Sally Hawkins


Volvagia said...

Should have switched Oscar noms with Saoirse Ronan Kiera Knightley. (Knightley was in, what, twenty-thirty minutes of Atonement compared to Saoirse's fifty? And by the way, yes, I was counting.)

Robert said...

Speaking of which, I always feel awkward when trailers highlight the Oscar Nominees/Winners and there's one sad person left over.

"Oscar Winner Meryl Streep, Oscar Nominee Liam Neeson, Oscar Winner Hilary Swank... and Kevin Bacon, in..."

Dimitra said...

It annoys me a bit when film trailers have academy award winner or's like saying: Hey, OSCAR! It's gonna be goooooood...

Not to mention that in this one specifically, it's like underestimating A.Garfield's abilities :P

cal roth said...

Should Have Heen Academy Award Winner Carey Mulligan.

You knew I wouldn't let that go, too.

Ryan T. said...

@Robert - I feel the same. At the very least, they should try to give the "other" guy some kind of note if one exists. Like for your example with Kevin Bacon, they can put "Golden Globe Winner" next to his name.

Of course, what I'd really like to see one day? "Academy Award winner Sean Penn, Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman, Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, and MTV Movie Award Winner Robert Pattinson in..." /sarcasm

Jesse M said...

I would hate the horizontal slice poster too, but I feel it's redeemed by the fact that it's an alternative to the "Blurry Photoshop Collage of Actors' Faces" poster, which is so ubiquitous and useless that I welcome any respite from it.

step said...

Andrew Garfield has a BAFTA (A TV BAFTA, sure - but it still has the acronym!), I'm surprised they didn't throw that in there.

Andrew R. said...

Here's one:

Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman, Academy Award Winner Kate Winslet, and Peter O'Toole, who is desperately trying for an Academy Award.

Alex said...

I remember when INSIDE MAN came out it had "Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington, Academy Award Nominee Clive Owen, and Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster." Christopher Plummer wasn't even billed for me to complain about!

badmotherfucker said...

Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep

Academy Award Winner Daniel Day-Lewis

Spike Video Game Award Winner for Best Performance By A Human Female Megan Fox

Can you believe such a thing really exists? Neither can I...

Ivan said...

In Inception

Should Have Been Academy Award Winner
(for What´s Eating Gilbert...)

Academy Award Winner

Should Have Been Academy Award Nominee
(for (500) Days...)

Academy Award Nominee

Should Have Been Academy Award Nominee
(for 28 Days Later or Breakfast...)

Should Have Been Academy Award Nominee
(for Bronson)

Academy Award Nominee

and Academy Award Winner

OtherRobert said...

I think we should all just count our blessings that Hollywood doesn't care about theater, lest we start seeing trailers that say "Starring Tony Award Winner Dan Fogler."

Deus Ex Machina said...

aurait dû être une candidate d'un Academy Award: ISABELLE HUPPERT. (in french, just because she will NEVER get top billing in an American movie)

Hayden said...

A trailer editor with a REAL opinion might go rogue and write "Undeserving Academy Award Winner..."

John T said...

I agree with Robert-honestly, while Oscar may be the peak, saying Golden Globe, BAFTA, Emmy, or Tony award winner would work just as well.

I'd like to see:

They-may-actually-prove-that-they-still-deserves-to-be-called-Oscar-winners Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, and Jon Voight

Also, Two-Time Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland...because wouldn't that be fun to have her nominated again. :)

Alex said...

I'd love to see "3-Time Emmy Winner So Just Give Her Oscar Already Laura Linney"

Kevin P. Durkin said...

"Should have been Academy Award Winner, Sally Hawkins" is more like it. Still my fave performance of the last decade by far.


John T -- that's really wordy for a trailer but i hear ya!

Aaron said...

The-day-the-Academy-lost-their-f*^#ing-minds Halle Berry

...sorry, didn't really make sense, just needed to release...

badmotherfucker said...

Has Halle Berry ever given a genuinely great performance? One where people say "THAT'S what she should've won the Oscar for!"? I've only seen her in action flicks + Monster's Ball so I'd really like to know.

Philip said...

After seeing the Conviction trailer, someone noted that Sam Rockwell was the only one without an "Academy Award Nominee/Winner" by his name...maybe it's a ploy to get others recognized by the academy? Because it almost seems like a 'hey! all these people have been nominated and i havent! plus the fact that theyve been given these titles for this trailers means its an oscar-bait movie! so should nominate me! just sayin..' Okay, I took that a little far but still...I think Sam Rockwell will be nominated for Conviction.

And sadface @ people not liking Halle. I think she deserved her Oscar for Monster's Ball, and she was really good in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. I gained a lot of respect for her after seeing her on Inside The Actor's Studio.

vg21 said...

Haha, funny poster, and so true!

I would add "Should Already Be Three-time Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep", as soon as she returns to shooting:).

I just read the "that" post and the comments. I was also upset about Sally Hawkins's omission from the Oscar nominees last year, but to exclude Kristin Scott-Thomas was just as unfair IMHO.

Although among the 7 actresses who have won all the awards you listed, Nathaniel, only Sally played in a comedy, all the other films were dramas and in my experience, this is what Oscar doesn't like in a Best Actress race. Still, I loved Happy-Go-Lucky and can't wait to se Sally again in Never Let Me Go.

GenZ said...

Halle Berry has given plenty of fine performances, including her great one in her Oscar-winning "Monster's Ball." There's "Jungle Fever," "Losing Isaiah," "Queen," "Bulworth," "Monster's Ball," "Things We Lost in the Fire," "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," and "Their Eyes Were Watching God."

badmotherfucker said...

Thanks for the response, GenZ. I actually liked her in Monster's Ball -- she was my 2nd pick after Nicole in MR -- it's just one of those perfs that inevitably leads to arguments so I figured I'd toss it to the side for a moment.

kin said...

Interestingly, I was thinking about Garfield himself (for Boy A) while watching the film's trailer.