Monday, June 07, 2010

How Michelle Celebrated My Birthday

Pfeiffer sightings are pretty rare these days, so I'm always shocked to find an alert in my inbox. Seems that while I was out celebrating my birthday, the one & only was in the land of Nick, Mike, Tim & Roger attending a hockey game.

This is no way to celebrate my birthday! I don't even like hockey (though I guess her husband does). She's supposed to be reading a huge stack of scripts right now about a beautiful woman lying to herself, or a beautiful woman experiencing a tragedy, or a beautiful woman reuniting with a past flame, or a beautiful woman terrorizing someone (she likes the villain roles, lately) or a beautiful woman struggling with a teenage child. She finished work on Chéri well over a year ago. Times a wastin'.

Didn't that trip on the Oscar circuit supporting her best screen partner inspire her?
Why is she drinking Coke when Diet Coke is so much better?
How is the woman to her left able to keep her eyes on the game? Is this woman even human?
Does that man a row down know them or is he just very very free with his nuts... or chips... or popcorn or whatever that bag holds?

I am filled with (silly) questions. Answer them in the comments. Please. anything to distract me. My cat is wearing a cone of shame and is in miserable hate with me for putting it on him. Catwoman would probably not approve but it's for his own good.
Michelle Pfeiffer


Guy Lodge said...

"Why is she drinking Coke when Diet Coke is so much better?"

As a lifelong Coke drinker myself (Diet tastes tinny to me), I'm very relieved to have La Pfeiffer's support on this crucial issue. You KNOW she's never wrong.

Isn't it refreshing to see a gorgeous Hollywood actress unconcerned with calorie-counting, anyway? ;)

SoSueMe said...

My cousin would give me discarded posters from his local video store back in my youth - one of them being Tequila Sunrise. I think I was the only 11 year old who woke up to a poster of TS every morning.

My fascination with Michelle started back in the 80s. I was completely smitten with her (probably started with Grease 2), until I realized I was gay!

The Pretentious Know it All said...
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The Pretentious Know it All said...

On a tangent, I love the craziness of Jeff Bridges's website. It's like "The Giving Tree" on acid.

And I'm hoping being at the Oscars inspired Michelle to get back at it and do something worthy of her. Not just because she saw her old pal Jeff finally win, but because she watched Sandra Bullock win. It's kind of like on the Simpsons when Homer had to watch an inanimate carbon rod win "Employee of the Month" and the rage inspired him to become an astronaut.

I like Sandra Bullock. I feel bad for her. But let's not rewrite history. Sandra Bullock IS an inanimate carbon rod compared to Michelle Pfeiffer.

James T said...

1) The woman next to Michelle is her bodyguard.

2) The "nuts or something" man is actually made of wax and is always placed in front of the couple.

Guy - I am afraid that not caring about calories is equal to not caring much about one's career.

To Michelle: Wake up! People need you (in loving tone :p)

Guy Lodge said...

"I am afraid that not caring about calories is equal to not caring much about one's career."

Caring or not caring, she looks pretty damn great, doesn't she? ;)

adelutza said...

You don't see her actually drinking from the can, do you? I bet it is unopened ;-)

NicksFlickPicks said...

Don't take it too hard, Nat. How do you think I feel? They're in town and didn't even visit.

Any Chicagoan would do the same, but I see the responsibility falls to me: the man in the next row is offering the Kelleys some of his Garrett's Popcorn, a local phenom that inspires many long lines of patrons snaking around many a downtown corner.

I think it's hilarious that we all fixated right on that Coke. No "Unleaded" for Michelle Pfeiffer! I remember reading that she likes to mix M&M's with her popcorn when she goes to the movies - though I hope she doesn't do this with the already-sugary Garrett's - so I'm glad to see she's keeping it real with the sweet stuff.

Guy Lodge said...

Sugary popcorn? Of this I do not approve.

Given that (peculiarly fascinating) M&Ms tidbit from Nick, however, I suspect Michelle and I might part ways on that matter. Ah, well. We'll always have Coke.

ShoNuff Lives said...

she must be taking a break from picking a script for my dream project: her catherine the great biopic. she's got about 5-7 years left for it to work.

oh, and @sosueme, no, you're not the only one who woke up to a tequila sunrise poster. i had one too. gay, gay, gay!

James T said...

Guy - You won't catch me disagreeing with that! She has to try hard not to be gorgeous.

Iggy said...

I'm on the Coke side, too. So she's drinking it because she's right.

The woman next to her is clearly pissed, she's thinking "I've tried my best to get this guy in the row below. I've been chasing him for weeks. I'm even wearing pearls to a hockey game, for god's sake! And then, when I'm really close here comes La Pfeiffer, what the hell is she doing here? She doesn't even live here."

Maybe a few words were different, but that's definitely what her face says. :)

JD said...

How did Julianne Moore celebrate your birthday?


GUY & IGGY & maybe ADELUTZA... I don't even know what to say to you Coke drinkers. Heathens, the lot of you! The Diet can even LOOKS better. Silvery sleekness. So it's hotter and more calorie-responsible.

and NICK I didn't know this about the M&Ms thing so, you know, ima now have to try that. UGH. and just when i was getting so good about the calorie responsible

The Know Nothing --- HILARIOUS. poor Sandra B.

SoSueMe and ShoNuff -- Tequila Sunrise and GAY? Nah. I could maybe see it with Married to the Mob or Dangerous Liaisons but Tequila Sunrise is so straight boy! You're closeted straight men!

.k said...

Oh hellz yeah! Regular Coke all the way! Even La Pfeiffer drinks it... at least I know I'm doing *something* right with my life

NicksFlickPicks said...

Not sugary, per se. Well, sort of. What they're most famous for is their blend of caramel- and cheese-flavored popcorn in the same bag, at which my tastes also rebelled in concept until I actually tried it. What makes it work, I think, is the ounce of crack that they clearly swirl into every bag.

Clearly David and Michelle were similarly unconvinced, and this man, like a real Chicagoan, is convincing them.

Meanwhile, Marlee Matlin also watched this game, in the company of Jennifer Beals. Clearly, it's what all the actresses were doing last night.

Colin Low said...

I'm rather nonplussed at how we're analyzing that can of Coke sitting at Pfeiffer's elbow, because during the time of her Hairspray/Stardust mini-resurgence I recall an article that said she "eats the usual ghastly diet - avoiding wheat, dairy and sugar". Here it is.

@jazzt said...

Coke wins. if you're gonna drink coke. go full fat why settle for the diet stuff? haha

and that woman next to them..she needs to be for real! MICHELLE FREAKING PFEIFFER
HELLO! maybe she's from Russia or somewhere and has never seen a Michelle film.
Let's go on a national manhunt for this woman and say "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU WERE SITTING NEXT TO?!"
ok...well Michelle should have invited you to the game Nathaniel
and then you could have told her about how much she needs to be making a film
The End

Anonymous said...

Is not the woman next to her a beautiful Amy Irving?????????

I think it's her¡


Garretts Popcorn ought to be ashamed. mixing crack into things just makes them so hard to shake. I can't tell you how long it took me to shake my Dr. Pepper addiction (they use it, too) and Diet Dr. Pepper just didn't work.

all hail diet coke

Colin -- then James T is probably correct and she gave up the ghastly actress mandatory diet.

I'm glad she rarely changes her hair. I love that it's nearly always in default WOLF mode.


The KNow NOthing -- YES. on Jeff BRidges website. It's probably my fav official celeb site because it's so obviously a personal thing and not a team of people that i pay make this for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's healthy she doesn't count every calorie like some ppl in showbizz. And come on, let's get real, she'll never be fat.
I too was totally happily shocked when I saw these pics. I found them on the 7th, so it was only yesterday. I know we all want her to do a film, but n the mean time, let's just enjoy the smaller mp-things :)Didn't these unexpected pics make a nice b-day gift? I think so.

ShoNuff Lives said...

oh, nathaniel...she was so supernatural gorgeous on that poster, but i was focused on kurt russell. sigh. i still find the hair a problem, but he so outclassed mel in this one.


ShoNuff -- funny you should mention that because Kurt Russell is fab in that movie. that's the sexiest i've ever found him actually (outside of Silkwood that is)

steve said...

hey - i had a Tequila Sunrise poster too

it's definitely gay

something to do with the gay subtext in "The Thing" that Kurt Russell so coyly threw at us maybe

waaay gay


WHO KNEW? y'all are surprising me.