Friday, June 18, 2010

"we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 links."

<-- poster for The American. I like. Do you?

Word Smoker I love this piece on Tangled and its evocations of "tentacle porn".
Some Came Running a piece on Cyrus which is quite a funny if inconsequential movie. Glenn Kenny is so fun to read.
Movie|Line Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising) on Wonder Woman and what he'd do with her in a movie. This is a pretty intriguing interview. I would love them to give this project to someone who has an idea, you know. Not just another generic superhero movie.
The Awl proclaims Toy Story 3 "totally bonkers" and the best movie of the year. Good piece
The Wrap I didn't know this: Influential guilds are rallying to have IMDb lose those birthdates, claiming it leads to ageism in a youth-obsessed business.
/Film A Toy Story short coming next year? Oh Christ Almighty. What happened to going out with a bang?

Psycho is 50
I really meant to commemorate it myself but until I do...
WSJ great piece on Psycho (1960) and the Bernard Hermann score
Sunset Gun "50 Years and a Remake Later". I love discovering that cinephiles I respect are also fond of the Gus Van Sant recreation. Throw your stones elsewhere I'm not the least bit embarrassed about it. I like cinematic experimentation.

and here's a YouTube video on shower scene parodies/homages/ripoffs (hat tip to JA)

Sociological Images fun art project visualizing "masculine" images through "feminine" processes. We need more of this since Toy Story 3, though often brilliant, continues Pixar's little boys rule / girlie things not as cool messaging.
Us Magazine Ryan Kwanten is writing a sex guide book. Anyone who has ever watched his sex scenes on True Blood will surely buy it. Best Seller!
Boy Culture Is Queen Latifah softening her stance about coming out?

finally, Rob Will Review top ten Glee performances season 1. But I really must take exception with Kurts coopting of "Rose's Turn" not being on the list. That's just crazy talk.

I find it very annoying --and I wonder if any of you have noticed -- that blogger no longer has accurate comment counts. It's very annoying because I read every comment and if it's lying to me about when you're commenting, I might miss some. grrrr.


cal roth said...

The American poster has a The Conformist vibe:

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Just another 'news' I want to add:

The 1998 Literature Nobel Prize Winner, Portuguese José Saramago, author of "Blindness" among other titles, died today.

May he rest in peace and share his opinionated and passionate theological theories with God :)

jbaker475 said...

@Jorge: Saramago died!? NOOOO!! Terrible loss. :(

I like The American's poster, but if I hadn't seen the (excellent) trailer first, I probably wouldn't be too interested by it.

BeRightBack said...

Jorge: That's terrible! But thanks for letting us know.

And I just want to say that I liked Van Sant's Psycho, too (I even saw it in the theatre!) It kind of hope that he keeps his promise and remakes it *again*.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Another thing: was I the only one to be shocked that 'Alice in Wonderland' is now #5 in the list of all-time worldwide highest-grossing movies?