Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June. It's a Wrap

June ends. Now we just have to make it through the two hottest months of the year. I'm melting. Here's the best of June in case you missed anything. I have no idea why summer makes me so nostalgic but there was an awful lot of 80s happening this month at the blog.

Woody and Buzz and other Toys we played with this month!

Jamie Lee Curtis is Perfect a deep immersion into 80s culture. Put on your unitard.
"I Heard Of It" why people flock to reboots, franchises and crossovers.
Earliest Cinema Memory: JAWS... albeit a second hand memory.
Conviction (née Betty Anne Waters) A trailer overview: Supporting players, Swank, and loveable loathsome Tony Goldwyn.
Cocoon: Cinema's first Viagra joke Because I couldn't help myself

Tony live blog & fashion review Broadway's big night honored film stars.
Death Becomes Her in which Meryl Streep spoofed her past and pointed to her future.
Alejandro: The Fun & Folly of Appropriation Something a bit different, a video review.
Career Lessons from Angelina Jolie a review in posters.
Take Three Craig's series took on the dramatic (Miranda Richardson), comedic (Jennifer Coolidge) and true character (Thelma Ritter).

As for current cinema, one can hardly blame me for retreating into the past this month. Mainstream movies at least, were eager to keep us in the 80s. Even June's big deal opener Toy Story 3 (my review) plucked the heartstrings of our collective ancient history aka The Nineties... and our childhoods in general.

Coming in July
I had to push the book group "Cast This!" back a week (July 7th now for Scar Night). A few "Halfway Mark" articles are coming recapping the year thus far. We'll also wrap up "Streep at 60" (just a few films to go) and share more Screen Bitchery. Plus, an interview with Julianne Moore! New films to argue about: Salt, The Kids Are All Right, Inception. Old films we'll be discussing (put 'em on your queue): Elmer Gantry, Doctor Zhivago, The Best Years of Our Lives, Driving Miss Daisy & more. Stick around and spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Please Nathaniel, update the Actress Psychic Contest!

Some of us are even wondering if it will it even happen this year.

Clarence said...

Ooh I bet you can't wait to mock and slam Driving Miss Daisy. :)

Blinking_Cursor said...

Today is Canada Day! Therefore, I was hoping you'd write up a Canadian themed post, Nathaniel. Y'know, one where you discussed canadian actors and/or films? Come on, you can do it! I know you love Sarah Polley and some other canucks. Show your neighbors to the North some love on their special day, yes? :)

Blinking Cursor said...

Merde! There is a reason why I should finish my cup of coffee before I post! Just realized that Nat's post was posted yesterday, June 30th, not today on July 1st! Anyway, I'm still hoping for some Canuck content today, Nat!

Janice said...

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James T said...

I just noticed Meryl/Miranda and Anjelina in the pic!! Well done!!!


it's not just them. Jaws and Lady Gaga are both present too! I work hard for y'all.

James T said...

Yeah, I looked closer again and saw Gaga before I read tour comment but I didn't even get that the shark was not from the movie! How slow am I?!