Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Anonymous said...

In my browser, this picture lines up perfectly with the picture of you on the phone in the sidebar. It's (unintentionally?) hilarious!

Dempsey Sanders said...

ha ha @ comment above.
The picture dipicts how I'm feeling today to be honest lol

ZiZo said...

Off-Topic: Spain pre-selected movies:

Celda 211 (Cell 211, winner of the Goya last year)


Tambien la Lluvia (Even the Rain, with Gael García Bernal, directed by Icíar Bollaín from Take My Eyes)

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mrripley said...

A bit of trivia re best actress and what it may mean for 2010's ladies in the past 40 years on only 4 occasions 1970,1974,1992 & 2002 did the line up fail to include a past best actress winner.

Our past winners in contention this year inc

nicole kidman
reese witherspoon
helen mirren
gwyneth paltrow
hilary swank
juila roberts

worth noting nat when doing your top 5 line up predictions.

Unknown said...

Confession: I don't fully get Cabaret.

For what it is, I have a great appreciation for the aesthetic and in general, Fosse's direction of the film in a scene-to-scene sense. But I have always felt like this film isn't nearly as cohesive as it seems to get credit for, or especially some of his other work (All That Jazz). I'm constantly hearing how this film is about the rise of the National Socialist regime and while there are quite a few scenes in the film that illustrate that rise quite well (Tomorrow Belongs to Me), I feel like if that was the thematic center of the film then this is a tremendously unfocused film.

The subplot involving Fritz and Natalia works quite well for me as far as a semi-allegorical explanation goes, but as much as I tried, I simply could not find a truly solid link between Sally and Brian's story and the Nazi angle. It doesn't make sense to me. And as a story about Sally and Brian and the intricacies of their relationship this works even less for me.

I feel like this is two half-baked stories intended to have meaning to each other, but in the end, IMO, is just two half-baked films incoherently yet dazzlingly smushed into one another. The only reason I don't simply just chalk this up to a film that I consider hugely overrated is how splendidly made this collection of scenes is.

Volvagia said...

In the metaphor, they would be representative of the ingratiation between the US and Britain. It's a semi allegorical set-up of the issues of WWII in general.

Anonymous said...

too bad liza never really had a film career.


anon -- oh i don't know about that. she had a pretty good run considering musicals were on their way out when she started to peak. This, The Sterile Cuckoo, New York New York, Arthur.

cal roth said...

If you ask me, she is even better than this in New York, New York. Not that she isn't marvelous in Cabaret, of course, but she was deserving of a second Oscar (but wouldn't win, since it'd be Rowlands's second in my book, for Opening Night).