Thursday, September 30, 2010

First and Last, Gymnasium

first and last image from motion pictures, excluding the credit sequences.

Can you guess the movie?

That's right, it's [highlight for the answer] BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The film not the TV series.



Joe Reid said...

Movie "Buffy"?

Alice said...

Damnit! Foiled the one time I actually knew one. (I recognised it from the colour of the cheerleader outfits which will forever sit in my mind as some sort of 90s costuming aberration. I know purple and yellow are technically complementary but...)

Ryan T. said...

I was going to say Buffy, too. Damn me for checking this blog too late this morning!


joe -- ya got it.

alice -- I KNOW. ghastly combo, that. I don't think purple and yellow HAVE TO BE hideous together but this purple with that yellow, yes, they are.

Bailey said...

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I not check this yesterday?? This was the first one I have no known, no doubt, off the top of my head. I love this movie, it is such a capsule of the times and seriously, am I the only one who LOVES Kristy Swanson?

I was sad to hear later that the creator of Buffy didn't like the movie, and that the show was closer to his original vision, because I think the movie is far better than the show, and Buffy will always be Kristy to me. (Also, Hillary Swank is in it! Hilarious.)