Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imaginary Actress Wars

Weird but true confession: Whenever I look at photos from film festival press conferences, I always end up imagining that it was one big press conference with all of the movie stars and films represented at the same table. This can lead to weird imaginary resentments, unspoken battles and other duets.

I mean what would Nic' & Hil' even have to say too each other? Not that Hilary wouldn't feign amiability and Nicole wouldn't glare frostily. Maybe they'd talk about Best Actress wins? It's the only thing they have in common.

And what does Juliette Lewis think of Vera Farmiga? Or maybe she's just wondering when Vera is due or what it's like to kiss George Clooney or maybe why they both don't get first choice of every movie script in town since they're so uniquely talented.

Perhaps you can make better sense of these imaginary mash-ups in the comments.

This message has been brought to you by ADD and afternoon boredom.

Hilary Swank Nicole Kidman


Murtada said...

Nic to Hil : You have 2 Oscars, well I took on Lars Von Trier and survived. Take that!!

City_Of_Lights said...

Awwww Nate, I'm a lover not a fighter. Put Nic in between my two favorite actors at the festival, Colin Firth and Jon Hamm. The best sandwich ever! lol


City -- you don't even need condiments for that sandwich.

Murtada -- surviving Lars would be an achievement. Bjork certainly didn't decide to take up acting afterwards despite being terrific at it.

Jeff said...

I just love Nicole! Hillary Swank has nothing on her.
A little off topic: You saw Never Let me go!
what did you think of it? and of Carey and Keira?

Anonymous said...

Nicole: How is it that YOU have 2 Oscars?

Hilary: You smell like gum drops!

Hilary_Swank said...

News on Rabbit Hole and Beginners distribution. macgregor


Nicholas -- i love that nonsequitor. Gumdrops, eh? lol.

James T said...

Hil: I just want you to know that I love you and I really think you deserve as many Oscars as I do!

Nic: But I already have one Oscar you sad little thing!

Jul: Well, we might not get the opportunities we deserve but at least we have made out with Ocean 11,12 etc's cutest guys.

Vera: Yeah, but I limited myself to onscreen stuff. You went all the way girl!

mrripley said...

A bit of trivia re best actress and what it may mean for 2010's ladies in the past 40 years on only 4 occasions 1970,1974,1992 & 2002 did the line up fail to include a past best actress winner.

Our past winners in contention this year inc

nicole kidman
reese witherspoon
helen mirren
gwyneth paltrow
hilary swank
juila roberts

worth noting nat when doing your top 5 line up predictions.

Paul Outlaw said...

I think Nic & Hil would have a lot to say to each other about first marriages in Hollywood that fail after about ten years...

stjeans said...

Nic to Hil: Oh! please stop trying so hard!!