Thursday, September 09, 2010

Links: Glenn Shadix (RIP). Plus Jones, Cronenberg, Captain America

/Film first set photos of January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. As I believe I've stated before I love this casting. But it does seem wierd that she is already pigeonholed as "sixties girl". Will this be our first true period piece superhero flick or am I forgetting something? At least they're trying something slightly different with this one.
All Things Fangirl relives the glory of (500) Days of Summer last year with summer concerts in the now featuring JGL and Zooey Deschanel.
Cinema Viewfinder
There's a Cronenberg blog-a-thon going on that I didn't know about. Shame. I don't really understand the format to get to the article contributions but I'm certain there's good things to read there. I shall investigate further. Love that David Cronenberg.
/Film long interview with Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek.
Film Business Asia the upcoming London Film Festival (we'll be covering it again) has a healthy selection of Asian films.
Sina Andy Lau. Let him eat cake (for an early birthday celebration)
Topless Robot would like you to calm the f*** down about that picture from the set of Captain America.
DListed Henry Cavill on the set of The Cold Light of the Day

Finally, in my weekly column over @ Towleroad I've got a brief bit about The Romantics and yet more links including the sad news that character actor Glenn Shadix passed away two days ago. He's best known as "Otho" from Beetlejuice but when I think of him I nearly always think of that funeral scene in Heathers..."ESK-I-MO!!!" I also lovelovelovelove the two-faced Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas which he voiced. He hadn't been seen on the screen much lately but he was actually blogging just last week.He will be missed but he sure will live on through those comedy classics.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about what constitutes a "true period piece superhero flick". Wouldn't Watchmen, which takes place in 1985, be considered one? Or does the alternate timeline device ruin things?

David Coley said...

Captain America looks like it will be mostly period. They've said it takes place mostly in WWII.

Agustin said...

I should really finish reading Never Let Me Go once and for all.
I even like what I read, and I'm currently unemployed so I don't know what's stopping me.
Oh! having nothing to do really isn't the best way to actually getting to do other things.
Unproductiveness brings more unproductiveness.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I didn't realize that was Shadix's voice in 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. RIP.

JJ said...

Wrong place to do this, but your search button isn't working and I can't recall you mentioning it but I was wondering, Nathaniel, your thoughts on The Romantics? The trailer looks somewhat interesting and the cast is full of some gems, I think. Just curious about your thoughts.


JJ -- if you click on the Towleroad link in this article, as stated there's a brief bit on The Romantics (as well as a link to teh fuller review i wrote in January)


JJ -- also if you look on the screening/reviews sidebar there's a link to the index of reviews and The Romantics will be in the first chart as its a recent movie.

James T said...

Agustin - you nailed it! So many things I want to do and have the time but I just don't. do. them!

I did finish NLMG though :p

Arkaan said...

Steve McQueen is re-uniteing with Michael Fassbender for Shame

"In Shame, Fassbender will play Brandon, “a 30-something man living in New York, who is unable to manage his sex life;” the film will “examine the nature of need, how people live their lives and react to the experiences that shape them,” and will be “deeply honest and provocative.”"

Benefit of the doubt even if you're bored by "men and unmanageable sex life" stories.


arkaan -- i wouldn't be bored of any sexual drama if they actually had sex dramatized but for that you usually have to watch a David Cronenberg movie ;)

so few movies dare anything like emotionally revealing sex scenes anymore.

James T said...

Nathaniel - Ang Lee, I think, is also a good example.

Arkaan said...

Agreed, Nathaniel. It's like they all saw Late Marriage, said "we can't top that" and didn't bother to try.

They cannot top it, but I'd like to see them try. Anyway, I'm more curious about Film Bitch nominees Fassbender and McQueen reuniting, anyway.