Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Curio: Iain Hector's Animal Instincts

Alexa here. Like Nathaniel, I am waiting with bated breath to see Natalie Portman's transformation into an evil swan. But until I can see Natalie grow feathers, I'll look to the work of London-based artist Iain Hector. You might say Iain specializes in theriocephaly along with screenprinting. He also loves a great film. What results is a great mashup of the zoo and the cineplex. Herewith, a gallery of some of Iain's film creatures.

Mrs. Robinson, You're Trying To Seduce Me, Aren't You?
500x700mm / edition of 25

On Every Street In Every City
500x700mm / edition of 25

Let's Go To Work
562x388mm / edition of 5

Everyone Wants To Be Found
400x520mm / edition of 24


Andrew R. said...

A bit weird, and the animals chosen for Graduate, Taxi Driver, and Lost in Translation are completely random...but he can definatly draw.


how utterly bizarre! and sort of delightful though like Andrew I wonder why he chooses the animals he chooses... though i think there is a zebra print on the wall in that Lost in Translation scene.

Volvagia said...


The Graduate: Visual gag about how Benjamin views himself as above everybody else, like a bird.

Taxi Driver: Used to showcase initial submissive nature of Bickle early in the movie.

Resevoir Dogs: Nothing to say.

Lost in Translation: Zebra Print.

Andrew R. said...

Volvagia-I take back my previous comment.