Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crying with Juli M. Laughing with Jamie Lee. Casting of Chloe M.

Go Fug Yourself Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigweavie repeat their You Again joke on the red carpet: same dress.
Hollywood Reporter Speaking of JLC, she has...feeelings about this True Lies reboot for TV.
Coming Soon Chloe Moretz to play Emily Strange. She's the only young girl in Hollywood. The only one you're allowed to see in anything, okay?! Learn to love her. Or else.

...And my latest column at Towleroad covers Buried with Ryan Reynolds and has a lot more linkage too, including that hilarious 'Julianne Moore Loves to Cry' video that several of you have alerted me, too. I love to watch her weep but it's not because I'm a sadist. Find out my self-rationalizing theory over there.

Something else I need to find a rationalization for: I've had Atom Egoyan's Chloe --no, not Moretz! -- sitting on my TV for a week or more now and I still haven't watched it. Damn you time management issues. This is also why posting has been slim while I've been NYFF'ing. Apologies.

P.S. More Foreign Film Oscar Submission have happened and the charts are updated. But you know what's really weird. When I was looking up the info I found this article from the AP which says the craziest thing
"Lula, the Son of Brazil" will be among 95 titles from around the world competing to be chosen for the shortlist at the US Academy Awards ceremony on February 27, the culture ministry said
Apparently the culture ministry hasn't followed the Oscars much. I've been tracking this category extensively since 2001 and I've never seen a year that hit 75 titles, let alone 95!

Here's a music video from Andrius Mamontovas from the  Latvian Oscar submission Hong Kong Confidential. Andrius also co-stars in the romantic dramedy.


Luke said...

I'm just so torn about this You Again silliness... here's a cast filled with individuals I like but no sign of a great script for any of these fantastic ladies? What's a Sigourney-Jamie-Lee-Kristen-Kristin-Betty lover to do on Friday night??

Jane said...

Sorry to be the party pooper but I like Chloe Moretz. All this negativity towards her seems unfair. If anything Hollywood should be blamed for not considering a wider range of young actresses. But I'd rather her than someone mediocre. Plus she's refreshing cos she has a toughness to her that hasn't always been required or wanted in girls that age. And in that way perhaps she's unique.

Dog beds said...

Great and inspiring song. Found out recently I have genetic roots to the Balts. So I feel doubly inspired.

Invisible bastard said...

I saw this and i immediatly thought of you!
it's a video called: Julianne Moore loves to cry. Enjoy!!

Carl Joseph Papa said...

"Noy" is Philippines' entry this year...


invisible bastard -- that video is mentioned in this very post :)

jane -- it's not that i'm claiming she's without talent. but it's the same beef i have with Bale playing both Batman and John Connor or Samuel L Jackson being in every franchise. When you have to look at the same person for every franchise it just makes them all identity-free. and obvs with an ongoing property (or intended to be ongoing) like kick-ass and emily the strange this is starting to happen with Chloe (in addition to all her other movies)

douglas --ooopps forgot that one.

Invisible bastard said...

Was I the last person to notice it! ahhahaaha! Keep on posting Nathaniel.

Nate B. said...

Shouldn't Chloe Moretz be in school?

Like real school - not movie set school. Rather than being mediocre in films she can be mediocre in classes.

Dominik said...

@Jane, Chloe's probably not my absolute favorite, but really I like her too. But I think the toughness thing is true for Kick-Ass, but in most other things I've seen her in, she's actually rather extremely cute.
But speaking of other young actresses, where the hell is Isabelle Fuhrman?
Speaking of Kick-Ass, it came out on DVD on Sept. 16th here in Germany, I bought it the same day, and though it may be against popular opinion on this blog, I must say I have forgotten just how much I liked it, how much it is my thing. Dave "Kick-Ass" himself is the loser kid I can totally relate to, he, Katie and his friends are the better version of stupid high school comedies. The whole concept of Hit-Girl is ridiculous, and that's the point. And as a welcomed side effect its also big fun. And Chloe seems to have fun doing it, but also makes her human enough to make it feel like it could be real. Mark Strong’s Frank D’Amico is the cliché well-mannered mobster boss on the surface and a total psycho underneath, and feels very real. And I can even tolerate Nicolas Cage.
Speaking of negativity towards Chloe, well, Nathaniel seems to hate her, but I’m under the impression he also used to hate Dakota Fanning, and now he loves her.
Speaking of Dakota Fanning, I finally saw The Runaways and I want to share. I’m not posting so often, so I guess I haven’t mentioned it before, but I was desperate to see it. I believe it wasn’t even in the theatres here in Germany, because I looked for it for months, and didn’t find it. It came out on DVD the same day as Kick-Ass though. I had a hard time getting to rent it, because it was always rented at both my local video stores (I live in a rather small community), but yesterday I got a hold of it. First of all, it didn’t change but confirm my attitude towards Dakota. I’ve always kind of loved and hated her at the same time. Same here. Look-wise, half of the time I wouldn’t have recognized her if I hadn’t known it was her, which is probably saying something good about her performance. Or just saying that she’s never done something like this before. The other half I did recognize her, her face was that of a cute adorable ten-year-old to me half the time, that of her irritating, creepy self the other half. For her performance I thought “wow” sometimes, “I don’t buy it” other times. In the interviews she’s changed, from annoying to annoying. On the DVD of “Push” (this rather crappy movie I actually only rented due to my bipolar fascination with Dakota) she comes across like an 11-year-old trying to act 35, here like a 10-year-old tyring to act 16, mostly due to her baby voice (which on the other hand makes it even more wow if she really sang those songs herself).
Dakota aside, I feel affirmed in my previous foolish assumption without knowing the movie, that if “they”(‘ve) see(n) the movie, and if they’ll care to remember it, Michael Shannon could be up for a second Oscar nomination. But they probably won’t. And – K-Stew is Rock’n’Roll! (Sorry, Nathaniel!) How did she get mixed up in kitsch like Twilight? (I suppose it’s kitsch, haven’t seen it) I used to like her a little, but not find her to special. But here, as Joan Jett… she’s like a really tough girl, but still kind of cute – dammit, I want a girl like that!

Dominik said...

oh sorry for posting twice!


Dominik -- I actually have always liked Dakota. I just think she's kind of freaky so i understand a bipolar fascination with her rather than a straight up fan or hater.

But i am *really* not impresed with Chloe Moretz thus far. We'll see. other people have proved me wrong before. Maybe she'll be one of 'em. She's certainly going to get a bajillion opportunities to do so.

Dominik said...

Re: Nathaniel "I actually have always liked Dakota."
- Oh, I guess I should have known. It's called reading between the lines.
Btw, I love your "short history" of her. Also the one about Sharon Stone (I've actually seen and kinda remember that movie "Irreconciliable Differences"... ages ago...), and the one about "Uncle Tom", who reportedly gave Dakota a cell phone for her 11th (or was it 12th) birthday, is probably the most hysterical!

jake said...

Only Sigourney can pull off that dress at 60 years old !

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