Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Foreign Film Oscar Submissions: Alexander Skarsgård's Little Brother

We haven't heard quite yet if Norway will submit A Somewhat Gentle Man for Oscar consideration but if they do the Skarsgård clan could take up two spots in the Academy's foreign film competition.

The Skarsgårds are totally taking over movies and television! Father Stellan has been in everything for decades now from blockbusters (Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia) to arthouse favorites and beyond. Alexander Skarsgård, his son (they're pictured left in an old photo), bouyed by the media's ravenous appetite for True Blood has become a hot commodity in the past couple of years. And now little brother Bill Skarsgård has the lead role in Sweden's Oscar entry Simple Simon.

Here's the trailer.

In other foreign film news we know that Peru chose Contracorriente (Undertow) which I previously reviewed and quite liked. It's got seaside beauty, and Oscar likes a good nature shot but it's also a gay romantic drama so who knows if they'll respond well. Meanwhile Hungary continues to rebel against well known Oscar taste by choosing films with a surreal bent. Good for them for being themselves.

Can you imagine how boring it would be for Oscar voters if they had to sit through 60 films that were all inspirational biopics, sports dramas or travelogues with old people and little kid in tow?

Austria to France only one confirmed film, La Pivellina
Germany to The Netherlands three confirmed films including Hungary's crazed-sounding Bibliotheque Pascal
Norway to Vietnam seven films confirmed.


ermine said...

Other Skarsgård brother Gustaf was in "Evil," nominated for the foreign language Oscar in 2004 (He also has a bit part in Peter Weir's "The Way Back"). They're like the Baldwins, except ALL of them are actually talented.

aclp said...

I heard people saying the younger brother is the better actor of the two.

BrianB said...

I think I saw that Gustaf one in Patrik 1.5 at some GLBT film fest. It was cliche but really good, talented guy.

Is it odd that I'm still pissed that Alexander isn't Thor? Cause I mean, SERIOUSLY. I'll just watch Generation Kill and curse out Branaugh in my head some more.

Anonymous said...

Gustaf Skarsgard gave the most beautiful "gay performance" in the movie called Patrik 1,5. He's also very good in Den Osynlige.

Anonymous said...

So the bottom line is,

Unknown said...

All of the Skarsgaaaaaards (minus that Sarsgaard pirate guy who's not even related) should just be in one big movie together, would be awesome.

Really looking forward to von Trier's Melancholia with Alexander and Stellan next year.


Julie -- me too. And with Kiki in the lead role. What a cast that is.


ermine, brian, silvia -- i shall keep my eye out for Gustaf as well, then.

Unknown said...

I heard Kiki got kicked out of a bar for being too drunk while they were filming. I love her.

Andrew R. said...

I need to see more foreign films this year. I only saw 3 (or 4-is Fish Tank foreign and is it a 2009 or 2010 film?), all of which I liked. (Well, I liked Micmacs/Girl with Dragon Tattoo/Fish Tank. I don't think I really "liked" Dogtooth, but it's certainly excellent filmmaking. And none of them except maybe Micmacs have a shot at Oscar-Fish Tank is in English, Girl with Dragon Tattoo is actually ineligible, and Dogtooth is too fucking weird.)

anna said...

Apparently, the German entry will be announced next week. They released a short list today:

„Boxhagener Platz“ (Matti Geschonneck)
„Die Fremde“ (Feo Aladag)
„Habermann“(Juraj Herz)
„Henri 4“(Jo Baier)
„Jud Süß – Film ohne Gewissen“ (Oskar Roehler)
„Die kommenden Tage“ (Lars Kraume)
„Mahler auf der Couch“ (Percy and Felix Adlon)
„Same same but Different“ (Detlev Buck)
„Unter Bauern – Retter in der Nacht“ (Ludi Boeken)

I was expecting Tykwer's "Drei" to be there, so I'm surprised it's not on the list. On the other hand, I didn't think „Die kommenden Tage“ was finished already, so that's another surprise. It stars Daniel Brühl and August Diehl, I definitely want to see it.
I loved "Die Fremde" (aka "When We Leave", starring Sibel Kekilli), so I'm hoping it'll be chosen. If it is, it'll also be the second German entry in a row that was directed by an Austrian born director.

vg21 said...

Bibliothèque Pascal may be against Oscar taste, but at least it's acknowledged to be a good film unlike last year's nominee Chameleon Europe. There was a really strong candidate "The Investigator" (A nyomozó) that should have been nominated last year, it was far more superior to Chameleon Europe. (It's funny how I have to google the international titles of these films, I only know about the Hungarian ones :P.) But anyway, I'll be interested to see the full long list and the short list as well.

James McNally said...

Just heard Greece is submitting DOGTOOTH (brave and awesome choice!) and that France has submitted OF GODS AND MEN.

Thanks for your awesome charts on this. Following the foreign film nominations is like the World Cup for cinephiles!