Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game Time: The Eyes Have It

Golly jeepers... who owns these peepers?

All the images have now been guessed in the comments. It took less than an hour. You know your actresses! (Highlight the text below if you want to see the correct answers) Or make the guesses and then check the answers. How many could you name?

A Renee Zellweger -correctly guessed by Mikadzuki
B Jane Fonda -correctly guessed by Mikadzuki
C Scarlett Johansson -correctly guessed by Mikadzuki
D Catherine Zeta-Jones -correctly guessed by anonymous
E Maggie Gyllenhaal -correctly guessed by anonymous
F Penelope Cruz -correctly guessed by BBats
G Emma Watson -correctly guessed by Artemis
H Audrey Hepburn -correctly guessed by Mikadzuki
I Rachel McAdams -correctly guessed by anonymous
J Emma Thompson -correctly guessed by wgcarey
K Christina Ricci -correctly guessed by The Jack
L Natalie Portman -correctly guessed by Mikadzuki


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, no love for La Pfeiffer!

BBats said...

F=P Cruz

mikadzuki said...

A = Renee Zellweger
B = Jane Fonda
C = Scarlett Johansson

mikadzuki said...

Oh, also:

L = Natalie Portman

Anonymous said...

g - Emma Watson
d - Catherine Zeta Jones

artemis said...

G is Emma Watson.

mikadzuki said...

H must be Audrey Hepburn.

J.D. said...

I don't know why, but for some reason I want to say J is Hillary Clinton. LOL?

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

I= Nicole Kidman.

H= Audrey Tatou.

Or maybe not?

Anonymous said...

J = Emma Thompson

The Jack said...

(my guesses without looking at the revealed answers or comments)

A. Renee Zellweger
B. Jane Fonda
C. Scarlett Johansson
D. Monica Belucci
E. Selma Blair
F. Penelope Cruz
H. Audrey Hepburn
J. Emma Thompson
K. Christina Ricci
L. Natalie Portman


pretty good The Jack. Though you're wrong on D & E you are the first person to correctly guess RICCI

Brooke sorry wrong on both counts.

Drew A said...

E- Rebecca Romjin

MaureenStapletonfan said...

I = Kathleen Turner


no and no for E & I

Drew A said...

One more chance:

E-Charlize Theron?

MaureenStapletonFan said...

I = Julie Christie

Anonymous said...

D - Catherine Zeta-Jones
E -Maggie Gyllenhaal
I - Rachel McAdams

MaureenStapletonFan said...

D = Catalina Sandino Moreno

J.D. said...

E - Naomi Watts?

The Jack said...

E. Cameron Diaz

I. is really bugging me because I can picture the image that it's from. I'm pretty sure it's a poster with the lady in question looking cheekily over a book or something which is obscuring her face.

Anonymous said...

E-Reese Witherspoon?


justine said...

E= Katie Holmes


ok they've all been guessed now. i thik the wrong answers are just as intersting as the right ones

Glenn said...

I got most of them right, but some I got wrong

A - I thought was Nicole Kidman. To quote Margaret Cho in I'm the One that I Want - "you eyes are too big!"

E - Jennifer Aniston

H - Cher

J - One of the Redgrave sisters

K - Winona Ryder

amir_uk said...

Got two wrong... thought Zeta was Monica Bellucci. And that Rachel "the most overhyped thing in the movies today" McAdams was Ginnifer Goodwin.