Thursday, June 04, 2009


Off Cinema
National Theater London, Greece & DC Film Experience readers take note: DAME HELEN MIRREN in Phèdre! Greece in July. DC in September.
<--- Little Pixel classic records reimagined as Pelican books. Fun.
Time "10 Most Reclusive Celebrities". It's not at all surprising that the list is ancient history. I'd like someone to try a contemporary reclusive list. Who would be on it: Isn't everyone overexposed?

I'm Not Crazy. I Promise.
I didn't know where to put this and I probably shouldn't share but for the possible pity-party perks. I regret to inpform that I was repfused a one-on-one interview with Michelle Pfeiffer to celebrate Chéri's release. Perhaps they were apfraid I would only drool and spout gibberish? Or maybe ask archaic questions derived from interviews and anecdotes from the 1980s? Or that I would demand that she sign a pframed Jeff Bridges original from the set of The Pfabulous Baker Boys. (I'm kidding about the last part. Now, I did attend a Jeff Bridges gallery show and I did consider cashing out my pfour-oh-one-kay to purchase one but I decided against it. See! Proopf of my sanity!) Then I pfind out she's going to be on Letterman on the 16th and The View on the 17th (set your DVRs!). What do David and Whoopi have that I don't?!? I mean besides an audience of millions.

Movies. Yeah, Those
Towleroad Brad Pitt & Eli Roth's ripe armpit dilemma on the set of Inglourious Basterds. TMI.
Movie|Line James Cameron vaguely discusses Terminator Salvation.
The House Next Door Brittany Murphy's straight to DVD effort Ramen Girl live blogged!
This ramen has to be made with liquor. People are getting stupid drunk off it.
Post Game Show more on the Pixar / no women issue
Willoughby you must see this amazing photo of Mia Farrow & Roman Polanski reversing their roles on the set of Rosemary's Baby


Hayden said...

What a boring "recluse" list. It obviously doesn't consider what agony blonde recluses like Julie Christie and Michelle Pfeiffer force us to endure. That alone puts them on par with the Pynchons and Dickinsons.

Cristhian said...

Top 10 most reclusive now

Winona Ryder
Kate Bush
Fiona Apple
Jil Sander
Lars Von Trier
Julie Christie
Faye Wong
Siouxsie Sioux
Kim Basinger (allegedly, an agoraphobic)
Cocteau Twins


@Cristhian thank you. I don't think I'd put Winona on the list (hits the red carpet fairly frequently, doesn't she?) but the other ones are true.

Except for maybe the Cocteau Twins. Is Liz Frazier reclusive or is the media just not after her at all?

John P. said...

That article on recluses seemed to gloss over Syd Barrett's gimongous drug problem as a possible reason for his reclusive behaviour.

Cristhian said...

I'm sorry. It's my impulse to add Noni to any cool list possible. She's my Pfeiffer, you know. Also, since we've had her in some of our work events, she's deliciously socially awkward and she gets nervous and impatient amongst people, hence her reclusive attitude. LOVE the Mia/Polanski switcheroo; it is now my desktop wallpaper.

rubi-kun said...

Throw in the Wachowskis for reclusive celebrities, though they might not be very much "celebrities" nowadays.

Derreck said...

haha, that was pfantastic.

and i'd add Famke Janssen. but that is probably because i can never get enough of her.

The Know Nothing Know It All said...

I would put Terrence Malick on that list, but I guess he isn't a "celebrity" persay. Seriously, the guy rarely makes public appearances and is notoriously secretive.