Monday, June 01, 2009


In Contention on Up's "Russell" and his voice actor Jordan Nagai
Wired Science wonders if you really can lift a house with balloons
/Film details inside jokes within Pixar's UP
Pixar the first teaser for Toy Story 3

down... all around
Stale Popcorn I love this "Movies in Movies" series, don't you? Wish I'd thought of it!
Just Jared Nicole Kidman on Rabbit Hole set. Also refuting baby rumors
NY Post French Oscar nominee Betty Blue is getting a rerelease with 65 additional racy minutes of Jean-Hugues Anglade & Beatrice Dalle thrown in. Mon dieu
Rants of a Diva names the 25 best performances of the TV season
My New Plaid Pants somewhat echoes my feelings about the new Verhoeven with Halle Berry (!?) in the starring role
Cinema Blend Lucy Punch replacing Nicole Kidman in the next Woody Allen film. I like Punch so it's good to hear she's catching a break. We still know nothing of the role, though
The Big Picture on the orgasmic (?) Drag Me to Hell poster
Daily Mail and Pop Hangover - Lick Daniel Craig! He's only 100 calories

Just in time for summer!


adam k. said...

I read on some site that Punch's role is that of a high class call girl or some such.

Is it silly to hope for Emmy noms for Battlestar this year? Like, REAL Emmy noms? One last chance...

Kidman Winslet Hunter said...

Nicole Kidman filming Rabbit Hole in NYC.

Derreck said...

thanks for the link, Kidman Winslet Hunter.

ahh, it's so refreshing to see the red hair again.

vince said...

Normally, I don't care for Halle Berry. However, Verhoeven is a maestro at working actresses into his style of filmmaking.

I am excited indeed. I am going through a Verhoeven phase right now. (Watched Robocop last month, Black Book last week, Starship Troopers right now and Hollow Man tomorrow ... I think I'll cue Showgirls right now).

Douglas Racso said...

Go go go for battlestar galactica in emmys. as if that is going to happen. But I can dream right?

Glenn Dunks said...


Nicole looks very amazing in those images. The red hair instantly makes her look younger and more intense.

FilmFan said...

Matthew Rhys is seriously the most underrated person on television these days,
I agree with only 15 of the 25 on that list but thats just lil ol me!
and daniel craig ice cream...yummy
nicole back to red...yummier,she's drop dead gorgeous in any color but the red really brings back her spark!

Deborah said...

They're cutting Daniel off just a tad too high.


@Deborah ...LOL

Chris Na Taraja said...

What would you do for a Daniel Craig bar?

jess said...

I sure would enjoy a bit of Craig in my mouth - just a tiny bit, I'm on a diet


@Chris & Jess: you know what's really annoying? Now that I've seen that Craigsicle... I want like 100 versions of it with other movie stars. I will gladly accept 10,000 calories for hours of celluloid and refreshing treat fantasies.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Yeah, but then there would be a whole bunch of pops that you might not want to be eating. It's all cute when you're talking chocolate Julienne Moore, but do you want an Adam Sandler pop? A Roseanne Bar bar? Paul Giamati gelato? Vanella Ice ice? A Zellwiegger Zeppoli? It could get ugly.

Wayne B. said...

I think Halle Berry's underrated and Verhoeven could shape a surprising performance from her. This IS the man who got Sharon Stone and Gina Gershon's best work on celluloid.

Anonymous said...

Look at that red hair on Nicole, she looks beautiful. The pale skin just pops. Looking forward to Rabbit Hole and I wish her success in it since it is her production company that developed it for the screen. I hope she keeps the hair.

Ryan said...

mmmm... delicious.

sigh, who'd have thunk a MALE would over shadow Halle Berry in the imaginary emerge-from-beach-in-swim-attire contest

...although we can't forget Ursula :)