Monday, June 01, 2009

Up, Up and Away... To Where?

I imagine you're back at work and eager to daydream. Let the exploration begin. If you could rig a mess of balloons to lift your house/apartment into the sky for exploration and adventure, name the movie locale you'd like to land in.


Derreck said...

hmmm...i would love:

The various sumptuous European locations displayed in THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY and the last third of CASINO ROYALE (the Daniel Craig one)

The lively underworld of Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE though it would be hard to reach there with a bunch of balloons.

The almost candy-coated colorful places in SPEED RACER.

Munchkinland from THE WIZARD OF OZ. Quite appropriate concerning my landing, don't you think?

The psychedelic wonderland of Wonka's factory in WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. My inner kid would totally lose his marbles there.

Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. Who doesn't want to be there?

The Opera House from ALW's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I'd love to go to the Phantom's lair.

I probably have more but i'll stop there.

and oh! Pleasantvile from PLEASANTVILLE and The Tree of Life from THE FOUNTAIN.

Ben said...

I'd travel to the Fourth World, as glimpsed in Heavenly Creatures. Giant butterflies, a claymation Mario Lanza, blood, singing and sex. What's not to love?

CrazyCris said...

Middle Earth, Narnia and Antarctica... :o)

Cristhian said...

To the painted backdrops of The Himalayas in Powell & Pressburger's Black Narcissus... minus Sister Ruth, off course. Or else she'll push me over the painted cliff.

Volvagia said...

I like to be in very dark, gritty places when I watch movies, so here would be some theoretical places to go:

- Flaming Dragon Heroin Plant (Tropic Thunder)

- Westerberg High Boiler Room (Heathers)

- The Paper Street Soap Company (Fight Club)

- Col. Kurtz's Camp (Apocalypse Now)

- As a nice final destination: The Initech basement. (Office Space)

Catherine said...

I hate to be a big cliché, but I can honestly say there is nowhere I'd rather be right now than New York, specifically Woody Allen's NY, circa 1986.

Otherwise, I wouldn't mind sitting in the Blaine City Hall, watching a performance of "Red, White and Blaine" (I'd be the girl tearing up and comparing Corky to Babs) or just hanging out etherally in Lothlorien.

adam k. said...

Oz, of course.

RahulB said...
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The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Savannah, Georgia the way Eastwood showed it in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. A strange house suddenly floating and settling down on old property would seem to be a minor amusement for the people. We'd fit right in!

And maybe....... Club Silencio

jimmy said...

audrey hepburn's 1962 new york city...or austria, singing with the von trapps.

Fabrizzio said...

somewhere in the past in England (I'm thinking Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility) where I could gossip endlessly about who went/didn't go to the ball. And have tea.

the ocean in Finding Nemo (with dory of course)

Kamila said...

I'd like to take a ride with Dorothy on the hurricane and land in Oz...

Ozzie said...

EL DORADO! All that gold, all those Elton songs, it'd be great.

Pedro said...

Three places:

Tara prior to the Civil War, maybe in one of those all-day parties (minus slavery);

The Von Trapp house in Austria, or even the hills at the beginning of the movie (I would make Maria trip and take her place singing The Sound of Music); and

All the places in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (the moon, Mercury's lair, the battlefield, etc., etc.)

Cort said...

The Quiet Earth, the final scene, wow!!!!

Katey said...

Any of the locations in The Brothers Bloom, particularly Adrien Brody's Montenegro hideaway.

The beach at the end of Shawshank Redemption.

I like Derreck's suggestion of every place in The Talented Mr. Ripley... but Tom Ripley can stay home :)

And Gene Kelly's house the morning after he, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor have talked the whole night through...

Kurtis O said...

Same as always: Middle Earth, aka New Zealand

...though, Christhian's "Black Narcissus" answer is a great one.

The Know Nothing Know It All said...

I would be like Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski and visit several different movies to find out where I belong--where I should lay down roots.
I'd drop in on Raimunda in "Volver,"
visit the Tenenbaum family and then I'd stop off at the Buchman house for Rachel's wedding.

Derreck said...

oh, Katey, i would bring Tom along. I just felt sorry for him throughout the entire movie. He totally had me during his speech about "the basement". It's odd to be so sympathetic to such a guy, but that kind of the beauty of the movie (and the book). It deliberately gets you to feel attached to him even though he's not what you would call a good guy.

Dickie would come too, but that's for more selfish reasons. :P We would go all over Mongibello and the rest of Italy.


@Katey ~ GOOD MORNING (great choice)

@JadedArmchair ~I'm glad Club Silencio was a 'maybe'... you know what freaks me out most about that scene. the wolf like bounding of the camera towards it before they enter. Heebie jeebies.

@Catherine ~ god. NYC via Allen via mid 80. You are correct!

@Cristhian ~ background matte paintings (sigh). Remember when the Star Wars movies had those before they ruined the originals with f/x redoes. :(

Encore Entertainment said...

Immediately Howards End came to mind. Take me to Howards End so I can see Helena Bonham Carter and we can have a nice little chat about her career and make some attempts at revitalizing it...I'd want to see Vanessa Redgrave too so I'd probably have to be inserted at the beginning of the movie...don't really care to see Henry Wilcox though...


I should answer myself.

I'd like to land in that hot new roller disco performance space, Xanaduor on the set of an Amber Waves production

or in Madonna's bed at the end of Truth or Dare: "NEXT!"

Deborah said...

Normally, I say "the Enterprise" (of either the original series or TNG). But today I'm going for the Bahamas of Thunderball or Casino Royale.

I've actually been to the One & Only, where Daniel Craig stayed in Casino Royale, and it is exquisite.

Derreck said...

@ Deborah.

I actually live in the capital in the Bahamas. :)

It's always fun seeing the familiar locations displayed on screen.

and the One and Only Ocean Club is beautiful.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I would like to land in that tree scene from CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, but only if I had the power to run and fly with ease.

Otherwise (Mr. Wise), you can plop me right down on the mountain with Julie Andrews in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Hell, I'd even wear the curtains.

Deborah said...

Derreck, cool!

I was part of a James Bond tour of the Bahamas. It was quite thrilling for a hardcore Bond fan like me. Certainly being allowed onto the private (decaying) estate of "Palmyra" (Largo's home in Thunderball) was the highlight of the trip! I have shells from that location, as well as shells from "Love Beach."

Ryan said...

I'd pick...

- The oily, chain-clanking chambers of ALIEN’s Nostromo

- that mystical place on BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN ‘where bluebirds sing and there's a whiskey spring’

- THE ENGLISH PATIENT’s mourning Tuscan monestary… perhaps I’d even pay a visit to Hannah’s paintings

- anything out of FANTASIA

- the moody wilderness and gray beaches of THE PIANO

...and I so second Cristhian's BLACK NARCISSUS choice