Friday, September 02, 2005

Bakers Dozen: Performances I'm Most Anxiously Awaiting (Part 3)

most awaited performances concludes...

03 Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. I have never settled on an opinion regarding the talents of the former. And, just as I had settled on an opinion (unflattering) on the latter he went and majorly surprised me in Monster's Ball where he made a vivid character impression with barely any screen time, and more recently impressed me in Brothers Grimm in which he seemed very comfortable with the comedy and he definitely topped the usually reliable Matt Damon. Brokeback is an amazingly subtle short story and if these two actors have the right chemistry and the right investment in their characterizations, well, this could be a knock out of a film.

02 Claire Danes will likely be making a comeback splash with Shopgirl but I'm even more excited to see her in the flesh. She's performing a solo dance piece Christina Olson: American Model(created for her) at PS 122. And I'm going. If you're going to be in NYC from September 22nd through October 2nd I'd suggest buying your tickets now.

01 I always love when Madge gets into her groove, so to say that I'm excited about the release of Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor is to state the extremely obvious. Can't wait to see what she comes up with videowise. choreography wise. tour wise. etc... And I continue to hope she heals quickly since I don't like "light duty" pop stars. I need the full and unfettered M-A-D-O-N-N-A experience.


Anonymous said...

From the Hollywood Reporters review of Brokeback Mountain which premiered today at the Venice Film Festival:

"The fine details of the West are as precise as you would expect from a McMurtry piece, and Lee's adroitness with the excellent cast is on full display, particularly in the brave and moving performances of Ledger and Gyllenhaal."

As someone who is "anxiously awaiting" these performances too, the early word from Venice is very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

While even I usually dislike the use of the word "brave" when a straight actor plays a gay character, I think it may be alright here. Considering it's not just a gay character, it's a gay main character in a love and sex relationship with another gay main character that involves (if the story is adhered to) quite a lot of male-on-male contact.

Definitely not Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.


adam k. said...

I second that.

Anonymous said...

Well we can all wish for that, but in the mean time: THIS IS HOLLYWOOD.

I want Making Love to be released on DVD so that I can get my fix of my third husband Michael Ontkean outside of Twin Peaks.

Third after Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman of course.