Tuesday, September 20, 2005

English as a Second Language

These pages will be filled out country by country over the next couple of days. Enjoy. If English is your second language and you follow your home country's cinema feel free to send me info as to what your country might submit to filmexperience (at) gmail (dot) com. Only a handful of countries have already announced but more annoucements will be coming daily now since the list is due to the Academy in October.

Strangely, this Oscar year doesn't seem to have a major foreign film in the mix for multiple nominations. (Unless 2046 mysteriously enchants them --they've been cold to Wong Kar Wai forever). Even the Toronto winner Tsotsi doesn't have concrete distribution plans. Oscar has been going overseas quite a lot lately but this year might be strictly America the Beautiful.

Recent foreign success stories with various AMPAS branches
2004: The Motorcycle Diaries, A Very Long Engagement & House of Flying Daggers
2003: City of God & Barbarian Invasions
2002: Talk To Her & Y Tu Mama Tambien
2001: Amélie


Anonymous said...

France submitted "Joyeux Noel" - and I'm gonna say right now it'll be nominated. It's about the first Christmas during World War I, and one of the fronts, the enemy combattants lay down their arms and just have fun (singing Christmas carols, playing soccer), etc.

Sony Picture Classics has the film and plans to release it Spring, 2006.


spring for a christmas movie? Distributors are so dumb when it comes to foreign movies.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what can you do?

For what it's worth, Innocent Voices (Mexico's submission last year) is finally being release on October 14 (according to comingsoon.net)

Anonymous said...

Well Nathaniel, Uruguay is choosing between "Ruido", a film in which, um, "nothing happens", and "Alma mater", a spiritual fable that is said to be the most cinematic of all Uruguayan films to date (directed by Alvaro Buela). They'll probably go with "Alma mater", which has been a hit here in South America.

I just noticed that in your site you say that Uruguay has 1 past foreign nom (??) This is not true, uruguay has never been nominated (yet), just an error I spotted :)

Oh, and "The Motorcycle Diaries" was a big hit with Oscar last year don't you think?

I really think something foreign will catch Oscar's eye this year, but what?? I'd go with "Downfall", but that's not eligible right?? If only "The Motorcycle Diaries" had been released *this* year, we could be looking at a Best Picture nominee right now. Mmm too bad.


oh right

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, would you like a miniposter of "Alma mater"?



Anonymous said...

So you DID get my e-mail!

I had found it extremely odd that none of your pages mentioned any foreign films and then I realised there hadn't been any apart from 2046 and Downfall, which is inelligable (but surely it would've gotten something - it was so huge. Or, in Australia it was, I know that).

Where's that foreign beauty at? Last year we had Jeunet (my fave!!), Yimou (twice) and Almodovar and this year we've only had Kar-Wai. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I found this at screendaily.com today:
"Marc Rothemund's Silver Bear winner Sophie Scholl - The Final Days has been selected as Germany's entry to enter the race for the Foreign Language Film Oscar."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rogers,

Brazil has just chosen "2 Filhos de Francisco" (2 Sons of Francisco). The film is a box office success and quite critically acclaimed.
I will watch the film next week but I believe that if correctly campaigned it could make among the finalists.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Motorcycle Diaries and House of Flying Daggers with certain definite reservations, but I'm afraid the rest of those foreign success pix left me utterly stone dead cold and indifferent, ditto for 2046 (and I'm a Kar-Wai fan in general!).

I must not be seeing roses as much as others when it comes to Red - I liked it, but White will *always* hold top honors to me when it comes to the Three Colors Trilogy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you still come here to check the comments, but here's another Screendaily.com newsflash

"Hindi feature Paheli, starring Shah Rukh Khan, has been submitted as India's entry in the best foreign-language film category of the Oscars."


Anonymous said...

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