Monday, September 05, 2005

Lost Connections

Vote on the actress poll. Don't abandon your favorite in her time of need.


adam k. said...

Wow, that was really funny. You should add in a picture of Nicole looking all tall and superior and on top of the world.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Or Angela Bassett setting someone's car on fire, with all their shit in it, when she doesn't win.

This bit was priceless.

Anonymous said...


darkcypherlad said...


You put the "L" in LMAO! Very, very funny--and kinda sad too. Poor Kim aand Geena get no love from us. I like them alot, but not as much as Jane and Holly.

Please promise us you'll do more. I've always liked comic strips. :)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers, you are brilliant, very, very, very funny.

Ms. Basinger deserves zero votes, so limited. She got her Oscar for playing herself. She is almost as bad as Melanie Griffith. Ms. Davis thinks she is too much of an actress but she should be ashamed of getting that Oscar instead of Michelle Pfeiffer for Dangerous Liaisons.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I´m from Brazil! Why Is not Julianne Moore in the Vote Pool? God Job! I enjoy "Film Experience"!

Anonymous said...

hah, very funny Nath! Methinks you've taken inspiration from Pink is the New Blog?

(well done)


John T said...

Very, very funny-I had to go with the one and only Miss Keaton (even in the awful Hanging Up, she was superb).

Pedro said...

My vote went to Glenn Close, who even in regular movies shines (for example, Heights).

At least she has other votes besides mine. :-)