Sunday, September 11, 2005


So far this new poll (Actresses M through Z) is not as hard fought as I thought it'd be. Streep and Winslet are way out front (similar to Foster and Kidman's triumph last time out). Other updates to check out? Joe Reid's new column and the intro to my Actresses of the Aughts countdown ... a silly thing I'm doing since I have list fever this month. Have you noticed?


par3182 said...

you know i'm not one for lists but if laua linney isn't in your top six i'm going to have to rethink our whole relationship.

adam k. said...

I'm enjoying the "actresses of the aughts"! And I second the Laura Linney shout-out. I almost forgot about her! But yes, she is choice. I'm wondering how you're going to deal with someone like Moore, who you worship, but whose post-99 work, at least according to you, has not been her best, save FFH. We're talking Hannibal, Evolution, Shipping News, The Forgotten, and Laws of Attraction here. The only truly notable performances she's given have been FFH and The Hours (which I know you didn't find hugely inspired... though it still is unarguably her second-best perf of the 00s, I think). Anyway, just wondering if you'll be able to be objective here... same with Pfeiffer... what, 3 roles in 6 years? Not enough.
When I personally think "actress of the aughts", I immediately think Kidman. She may not be my favorite actress, but boy did she come roaring out of the gates and just never stop. And she's just so darned compelling as a celebrity.
Winslet also has been stellar.

Anonymous said...

Um, change of subject, but can you give a review (short if need be) for The Constant Gardener.

...I don't think you like Fernando Meirelles very much.


Anonymous said...

Loving the mention of Susan Lynch. I'd never think of picking her out for a list like this, but now that I think about it: YES! She also does choice work in Nora, the amiable Waking Ned Devine.

But if you're ready for some defining Lynch greatness, check out her scary/perfect performance in a series 1 story of the UK TV series Cracker.



par, you may have to rethink. :( but she'll be in the top 20 for sure. (the top 20 contains 3 foreign actresses, 2 aussies, 2 brits, and several american classics. )

adam, Moore and Pfeiffer are indeed all-time favorites but i can be semi objective. neither have the pole position. although giving the best performance of the decade so far (Moore) certainly forgives a lot.

rob, thanks for the suggestion. is that on DVD?