Saturday, September 10, 2005

Golden Globe Best Actor: Comedy or Musical

About a month ago we discussed the Best Actress field in terms of comedy/musical contenders for the Golden Globes. I never followed up with the men. And here's the reason? They seemed more elusive or less hefty in terms of Oscar bids. While it's true that Oscar prefers drama to comedy it's not true that they just don't like it. They just don't like it nearly as much. Nevertheless the very existence of the Golden Globe comedy categories helps keep a light shining on "light" contenders. So who will see their otherwise less than rosy chances blossoming with a Golden Globe Comedy/Musical Nod this December?

Obvious Contenders COMEDY/MUSICAL
Orlando Bloom,Elizabethtown
Matthew Broderick and/or Nathan Lane,The Producers
Steve Carrell-The 40-Year-Old-Virgin
Jim Carrey,Fun with Dick & Jane
Steve Coogan,Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
Jeff Daniels ,The Squid and the Whale
Peter Falk,The Thing About My Folks
Bill Murray,Broken Flowers
Adam Pascal or someone else from Rent
Brad Pitt ,Mr & Mrs Smith
Vince Vaughn and/or Owen Wilson,Wedding Crashers
Elijah Wood ,Everything is Illuminated

And the Not-So Obvious (Placement-Wise) Possibilities
Heath Ledger,Casanova
Joaquin Phoenix ,Walk the Line
Terrance Dashon Howard ,Hustle and Flow
Cillian Murphy,Breafkast on Pluto
Jack Black, King Kong
Steve Martin, Shopgirl

Should the category turn out thinner than expected or should the debatable categorizations go Drama, there's always the Globes penchant for celebs to consider. Sometimes there's a very random famous nominee that makes you go hmmmm... So, under the idea that we're looking at the entire possible field here's a few more names: John Cusack-Must Love Dogs or The Ice Harvest, Johnny Depp -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Will Smith -Hitch...

Any thoughts on who the final five will be?


Anonymous said...

What about Steve Carrel? He gave the best performance of the year so far. Of course it was in a comedy, which makes people oblivious to that. Even you forgot about him. But I definetely think he'll win the globe for best comedic performance.

Joe R. said...

Take this from someone who absolutely loved The 40-Year Old Virgin and currently has it in his top 5 for 2005. That's not the kind of comedy the Globes really go for, and when they do go for it, it's to toss a nod to a big-name/beautiful star(let) like Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary.

I think the most interesting potential nominee here is Cillian Murphy, both from a categorization perspective, and a "god, I hope they nominate him" perspective.

Although I'm really dreading Walk the Line being considered a "musical" - not because I don't think I'll like it, but it'll just make the Actor/Actress categories so predictable, with Joaquin and Reese walking away with the Globes.


I added Steve Carrel. Whoops. I thought he was great in that movie.

Anonymous said...

vince vaughn? he is the main reason his movie was the biggest sleeper hit of the summer. and hfpa LOVES a blockbuster.

adam k. said...

I think this globe will ultimately go to Joaquin Phoenix, but who else gets nominated is tough to say. We (or at least I) know so little about the contenders. But Walk the Line will be a musical nominee (the leads REALLY sing, and it's not Dancer in the Dark). I actually think both Reese and Joaquin will get globes, unless the Joan Allen resurgence really picks up.

Anonymous said...

I think Lane and Broderick will both make it in. Even if the movie sucks (which I hope it won't), they usually find room to nominate genuine musical performances. If Emmy Rossum can make it in based on 2 expressions, these guys will walk it.


John T said...

It'll likely be Broderick, Lane, Martin, Phoenix, and Murray

Anonymous said...

Steve Carrel could conceivably get a nod, but I'd see it happening more for The Office.

And Walk the Line will copy Ray's campaign to the letter by going the musical comedy route, BUT they will have to watch out for The Producers/Rent. If the Globes have a musical worthy of winning, it'll win. But they love Reese so she'll win.

And Depp got some great reviews for Charlie, so it definitely wouldn't make me go hmmm...

And, wow, Brokeback Mountain winning Venice is HUGE. Way to go...


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention: Mrs. Henderson Presents... is gonna be The Full Monty/Billy Elliot/etc of this year probably. From what I've heard it should go comedy and seal up nods for Dench and Hoskins (who may or may not go lead)


Calum Reed said...

Nathan Lane will make it, as will Phoenix. Carrell looks good at the moment, but not sure about Murray. Broken flowers has kinda died.

I think at this stage Will Smith really deserves a nod for Hitch. Great performance.

adam k. said...

I see Lane and Broderick both making it, along with Phoenix... the other spots are a really tough call. I'm not really feeling Shopgirl... the trailer looked "blah" to me... and I do think Broken Flowers has kinda died. I think Walk the Line, The Producers, and Rent will all end up in the BP musical race, along with some actual comedies.

Joe R. said...

I'd go with: Phoenix, Lane, Martin, Depp, and . . . somebody besides Matthew Broderick.

Anonymous said...

I just found it strange in the actress pole Renee Zellwegger and Emily Watson are not eligible - I'm assuming because of the ten year rule - even though Renee has been in movies for slightly over ten years. But included are Tilda Swinton (?) and Parker Posey. Since when did their bit parts become major roles?

Also, where's Helena Bonham Carter and Goldie Hawn. How can these two be eliminated when Julie Christie and Madeline Kahn make the list?

Anonymous said...

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