Thursday, September 01, 2005


All I want to do today is hang out in my pajamas and watch old movies. But to work I go (last day) Maybe tomorrow I'll break out the pjs and DVDs. I really wish I had a pair of those numbers with the footies...or something 30s that's all classy even though you are just sleeping in them. Just for the nostalgia factor. Happy September!


darkcypherlad said...

Hmm...with all this job switching, maybe you can use the free time to watch more movies? I'm assuming you'll have more free time, that is.

Btw, how do you select the classic films you watch? Is it based on actor, director, year, theme, etc? Or are you like me, Random Boy?

Also, glad to see you liked The Beat That My Heart Skipped. I'm 2 hours away from "The Constant Gardener."



i select based on variables so complex i can't even fathom it myself ;) --constantly shuffling my queues I am.