Thursday, September 22, 2005

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I have nothing to add this morning.


Anonymous said...

Um, okay...
since this is actress month, and list month and all, here's my list of most anticipated performances from late 2005-2006.

10) Gael Garcia Bernal, "Babel"
9) Heath Ledger, "Brokeback"
8) Viggo Mortensen, "History of Violence"
7) Ellen Burstyn, "The Fountain"
6) Nicole Kidman, "Lady from Shanghai"
5) Zhang Ziyi, "Memoirs"
4) Rachel Weisz, "The Fountain"
3) Gong Li, "Autumn Remembrance" (by Zhang Yimou, yay!)
2) Ralph Fiennes, "The Fountain"
1) Cate Blanchett, "Golden Age"

And the films I need, right, now, are...

1) The Fountain
2) Brokebeack
3) New World
4) Memoirs
5) Golden Age
6) Babel
7) Autumn Remembrance
8) Inland Empire
9) Lady from Shanghai
10) History of Violence

Kay, that's about enough nonsense for the day........... hehe

Anonymous said...

Well continuing on the same theme. The movies I need right now are

1. Brokeback Mountain
2. INLAND EMPIRE (apparently it's meant to be in caps...?)
3. Volver (Almodovar)
4. The Lady From Shanghai (Kar-Wai + Kidman equals 'pass me the tissues')
5. The Producers
6. The Fountain (Hugh Jackman being my husband and all...)
7. Autumn Rememberance (I'd never heard of it until right now and I'm enthralled already)
8. The Proposition (Australia Western written by NICK CAVE!!!!!!!there aren't enough !s)
9. A Prairie Home Companion
10. The Corpse Bride (!!)

I just watched A Place In The Sun because I was trying to make Elizabeth Taylor one of my subjects. It was EXCELLENT. Man, that movie makes me swoon.

The only Fonda film I've seen this week is 9 to 5 it is seriously the only Fonda film Blockbuster had. Odd. Oh well.

And on a different note entirely:

Have you seen the new trailer for The Producers? It definitely made me smile and chuckle numourous times! I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Glenn yes, the "Autumn" movie will rock. Is it just me or 2006 is beginning to seem like it will be a great year for the movies (especially after such a crappy year like this one). So many great movies from ALL over the world.... and "The Fountain" being pushed to 2006 and all. It looks like it will be an exciting year.

As for 2005.... give me "Memoirs", "New World" and "Brokeback Mountain" and I'm done. What else is there to see?

Anonymous said...

Bee Season, that's what! :-)

Glenn -- What did you think of Nine to Five otherwise? It's one of my favorite movies, certainly my favorite guilty pleasure, though I watch it more for Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman than for Jane Fonda. That said, Jane's fight with that monstrous photocopier is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Lily and Dolly were definitely the best parts! I liked 9 to 5 for the most part. However there were some odd things about it that I will just put down to the 80s.

But it was very enjoyable! It was better than Working Girl which I also liked. But Office Space is still the workplace movie of choice for me.

You're only wearing the minimum amount of flair!


adam k. said...

Nathaniel, why have you bumped March of the Penguins down to a B-? I think it's because there were no gay penguins. It smarts even more in retrospect, doesn't it? ; )

Anonymous said...

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