Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Better Than Expected

So um... The Producers? Much better than I was expecting. That is not to say that it turned out to be a really good movie but I had been predicting disaster. To my way of thinking the stage production is wildly overrated. It offers a few good belly laughs rather than the nonstop barrage of guffaws that it is hyped to induce. I never thought it would transfer well to the screen due to its very broad stagey nature. But color me mildly impressed.

Though it goes completely dead in between songs and is, as predicted, at least one shade too hysterical [yes, even for a Mel Brooks comedy], Susan Stroman sure can stage a musical number. It's too bad they didn't give her Rent instead. That's a better Broadway show but its film version has no idea how to sell the musical setpieces.


Glenn Dunks said...

I'm glad you liked it (er, sort of). I expect to like it, but I was one of those who thought it was one of those non-stop barrages of humour you described.

Plus, I obviously didn't see it with Lane and Broderick so that'll be interesting for me.

It's strange though, cause I went to see Narnia last night and the cinema (it's a big multiplex) had HUGE displays for The Producers. Like, giant wall posters, regular posters, leaflets and a big cardboard cutout. I didn't expect them to promote it that much - i haven't seen a single trailer or television spot yet and it's released here on January 12 (which is grade A excellent, cause I have to wait til MARCH for some big Oscar candidates)

Jill said...

I liked it too. It was Mel Brooks Writ Large, and as someone who has been a Brooks fan since the mid 1960's, that's a lot of writting to make large.

The one thing I hated about this movie was Matthew Broderick. When on earth did Ferris Bueller become this persnickety little gnome of a man? Gabriel tells me he wasn't like this on stage, but I don't care. I spent the entire movie repeating to myself, "God I wish I were watching Norbert Leo Butz in this role instead" -- except he'd probably steal the show from Nathan Lane.

Big surprises: Uma Thurman, in her best performance ever. Sure, she always looks great, but here she seems to be having fun too. Also Will Ferrell, a comic "talent" I usually hate, but here I thought he was hilarious, with near-perfect timing.

And is it just me, coming off the heels of seeing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN the day before, but has the whole Roger De Bris/Carmen Ghia gay bit kind of outlived its usefulness? Gary Beach and Roger Bart are hilarious, though Roger Bart's bit is really tired by this point -- and the Village People bit was tired, tired, tired.


it's not just you. the BEACH/BART show is only funny for like two seconds. and then you're like "ewww" stop making fun of flamers.

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