Saturday, December 17, 2005

Everything and Nothing

Blah Blah Blah:
Updates available in every category of the Oscar prediction pages... and the Top Ten Lists (online lists only) page is up. I'm still eagerly awaiting the return of Geninn to give us our critical rankings but I fear annually that he won't. It must be exhausting tedious work.

Also there's a Harry Potter poll at The Film Experience. I always feel like JK Rowling's work is overdetermined, and Voldemorts true sorcerous gift is his ability to forsee everything --I mean his plans are as elaborate and detailed as Faberge eggs and as unlikely to come off without a hitch as if said eggs were made by non-opposable thumbed creatures who also happen to be wearing mittens. Yet come off without a hitch these plans always do---well, at least until each films' story's deus ex machina steps in to straighten it all Harry's favor of course. Zzz. I'd just like a little suspence. I'd like to imagine a Hogwarts world in which unexpected things actually do happen, and Harry gets roughed up a bit.

Other Year End RoundUps
Love to read these I do but I can't do my own until I've see about 7 more things. So... for the other Year in Review addicts out there. Here are a few with films that get notable atention in parenthesis: Firecracker Magazine (2046 & Tropical Malady), Hollywood Elsewhere (BBM & Grizzly Man), New York Magazine (A History of Violence & Serenity), Sight and Sound (BBM & A History of Violence), Slant Magazine (The New World & Mysterious Skin),


Javier Aldabalde said...

I *love* the "Sight and Sound" lists. Surprisingly open-minded and non-derivative, with American greats like "Brokeback" or "Violence" in the mix with awesome "foreign" stuff like "The Holy Girl" or "2046". Very, very cool lists indeed.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Great roundups, N—thanks!

Anonymous said...

7 more things...

Match Point, Munich, The Producers, The New World, Three Burials, Transamerica, and... White Countess? Casanova?


right said --you are correct sir. i said about 7. i will try to see all of those (though I may skip three burials given the time crunch and the unlikely nature of its nominations at this point)

before anybody shouts out that WHITE COUNTESS is even less likely -shut up! ;) it's MERCHANT / IVORY so i would see it even if it were ineligible.

Anonymous said...

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