Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year in Review: My Favorite Posts

Hey... I've never claimed to be other-focused. I'm all about me. Herewith my favorite posts from ---um---myself on this here blog this calendar year:

12. God's Gift -April
Without Pfeiffer I am nothing.
11. A Prescient Film -June
Because the rise of religious fundamentalism this year here and elsewhere still continues to concern me.
10. True Faith or Generic Gullibility? -November
Duh. I love Oscar-watching. I was the first to doubt Charlize Theron's sure thing status this year (in September). The first to encourage caution in regards to Munich (early on). Though this sometimes makes me feel ancient and wise, like a stock character played by Liam Neeson or Morgan Freeman, I will keep doing it because very few others in the Oscar prediction game seem to examine hype with huge blocks of salt.
09. Measure Your Pleasure-August
I like Jude Law's penis. Sue me.
08. Sloppy Madonna Dissing
Madonna was regularly featured on the blog this year (mostly due to the release of her new CD). This was my favorite Madonna post on her misunderstood album "American Life"
07. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? -October
This was the inaugaral 'classic movie of the week.' I've been meaning to expand my film knowledge for years. And in 2005, I finally indulged regularly in past decades. It feels good.

06. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf -April
Due to limitations surrounding theater fandom, theater coverage never seems to be all that popular. But I love the theater. And this remains a highlight of my years of theatergoing in New York. Plus, it was a good excuse to rave about the one and only Kathleen Turner's film career.
05. Which 20Something Actress Are You? -July
This was a fun interactive to create. Maybe I'll do something similar again.
04. Happy Endings Hangover -July
I love it when films speak to me or connect to real life in unexpected ways
03. Poptart Sandwich -May
This still makes me laugh at myself.
02. Upcoming Nightmare-October
I continue to believe that this will happen. If I don't maintain a sense of humor about it I will die a painful emotional death on Oscar night in March.
01.Actress of the Aughts -October
Because this countdown during October was my 'breakthrough' in terms of expanding my readership and obviously something the fans were passionate about as well. [to the tune of hundreds of comments and e-mails]

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Anonymous said...

Fond memories, each...

Happy New Year Nat, and fellow Film Experience Blog regulars!


Anonymous said...

I like Jude Law's penis too!


adam k. said...

As do I. ; )

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Nate, I'm still a fan but that was a silly post

Anyhow, Happy New Year


goran --i know. consider it my sitcom "clips package" episode when you've got 24 episodes to film and you've only the energy for 23 ;)

Anonymous said...

ok fine, I'll let it pass ;)

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