Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cramping My Style

OK so I'm kinda sick with a basic cold/sore throat combo but if I were well this new MTA Strike here in Manhattan is a King Kong sized impediment to moviegoing. AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT. I have just one week left to watch 5 DVDs and see 8 movies. Yikes. Year-end lists/awards must commence one week from now. Theaters I can get to easily w/out the subway number two. They both are showing only big mainstream films I've already seen or films like Usher's In the Mix (which I feel safe skipping in my Oscar predictive duties. That best actor field is just too crowded).

The nearest option that might provide what I need to see in the next week is a 45 minute walk away. The theaters that will certainly have what I need to see are downtown which is about a 2 hour walk (one way). Striking MTA employees need to stop being selfish and think of me !


Glenn Dunks said...

so is your big oscar snub prediction going to be Usher for In The Mix. It takes a brave man to make a guess such as that.

Anonymous said...

um... taxis?


taxis are $10 per zone during the strike. which means it's about $40 to get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you must live waaaay uptown. I just hope that the strike will be settled by the 28th, when I plan to go see Match Point and Caché (and, if I need to, I'll just walk the 30 blocks -- I've done it a few times before). Nothing is keeping me from my Woody and Haneke.

I was in midtown Manhattan today and it wasn't THAT messy and crowded (you're in Manhattan -- expect a lot of people to be walking the streets!). Nonetheless, this strike is unfortunate for all workers, handicapped citizens and cinephiles.

Look on the bright side, you'll get a nice workout (this is what I tell myself every day as I walk up the four flights of stairs to my apartment)

"Striking MTA employees need to stop being selfish and think of me!"

That line could have come right from my mouth (and, in fact, it already has).

Anonymous said...

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