Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GOLDEN GLOBE instant impressions.

More detailed post coming. But...Whoa. You can always count on the Globes to grab pre-season by the shoulders and give it a real shake.

BELLO in Lead! MATCH POINT! BROKEBACK Galore. MACLAINE! Etc... A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. No Capote in screenplay? SQUID AND THE WHALE all over the place. PARKER but not KEATON?
MUNICH shut out of BP. etc...


NicksFlickPicks said...


Nice job on Terrence Howard, though.

The Giamatti thing is really out of control at this point; he wasn't that good.

Worst acting nomination among those I've seen: Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


yeah --what is that about?

Javier Aldabalde said...

Is it just me or has the race just become more confusing?

The cold shoulder to KING KONG and especially MUNICH (!); the blatant omission of NEW WORLD and the kiss of death of GEISHA and CINDERELLA MAN; the steady love for BROKEBACK and GOOD NIGHT; the rise of MATCH POINT; the stunning resurrection of THE CONSTANT GARDENER and the continued revival of A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE; the "blah" response to CRASH and CAPOTE.... it's all quite maddening.

I mean, who the hell will win these awards? Only Joaquin and Reese look all locked up. Dangerous omissions: Li, Keaton, Fiennes, Allen... (I still think William Hurt is locked with AMPAS).

russtifer said...

I am so amazingly confused now, Nathaniel. But how awesome is Cronenberg film being nommed for a Golden Globe Best Picture?


i know!

NicksFlickPicks said...

Also, any chance that Oscar will mercifully pull an '88 and cut the Song nominees down to three?... or one? or none?

What on earth is Christmas in Love?

Anonymous said...

OK, not that I've seen 3 of the Drama nominees, but I am incredibly pleased with the HFPA at the moment. (Also happy that they ignored Crash and Cinerella Man in the Picture category, two of the worst, most horribly self-satisfied films I saw this year.)

I actually wasn't as big on GNAGL and the C. Gardener as most people (though I liked both), but they're both worthy little films sure to benefit from the attention.

Again, I've not seen Match Point, Brokeback, or AHOV (I'm hoping to catch a preview screening of the last two over the weekend - over a month before their official release date here, so yay!). But they're easily my three most anticipated films of the year, and the recognition here just gives me greater hope they'll be meeting my expectations.

And I've been waving the flag for Woody for so long, I'm so glad he's finally making a comeback. Script, Director AND Picture (and Scarlett Johansson). I'm happy today.

Anonymous said...

Also, notice how all the drama nominees are low-budget pictures from film festivals? How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. That wasn't just a shake-up, that was a goddamn earthquake!

My most surprising moments:

- Weisz but not Fiennes for Constant Gardener
- Ferrell but not Broderick for The Producers
- Pierce Brosnan for The Matador???Anyone want to explain that one to me?
- A History of Violence for best picture!!! HOORAY. And Maria Bello's nom was the one that made me happiest.
- No love for Capote aside from Hoffman

- Julia

Glenn Dunks said...

yeah, my comments off the bat are on my blog


it was definitely a shake up. And much needed help for Gardener (big fan here) and Violence.

Their top 5 for drama is really representative of what appear to be the top 5 dramas of the year.

Anonymous said...

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