Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Setting Myself Up For Disappointment

The X-Men 3 trailer is here.

And God help me, I did enjoy it. Maybe the story is good enough to make up for the directorial shortcomings of El Diablo Ratner? Maybe the sheer spectable of So! Many! Mutants! will be enough to make it work? Maybe the combined ass-kickery of Phoenix and Angel (the wingspan visual on Ben Foster is choice) will be enough.

Also, it looks like Storm is getting a major storyline upgrade this time around, thanks to Halle Berry's incessant kvetching. I'm of two minds on this, one being that Storm having an increaded presence is good, because Storm as dead weight in the first two was annoying. But, honestly, they've gone through two entire films with her in the back seat. I'm just hoping the shift of focus won't feel jarring or too contractually-required. Oh, and her hair looks a bit too Catwoman for me to feel truly comfortable.

Also, Just Jared has about a bajillion stills from the trailer and promo shots of most of the principals. Check them out and join the roiling internet debate over Beast: Likey or No Likey.


Anonymous said...

Those idiots still haven't cast a Gambit? Screw it.

adam k. said...

I don't know how I feel about this. It's just a trailer. It gives no real insight into how the story will pan out. We knew the visuals'd be fine.

I don't want Halle Berry in a larger role as Storm. They should've just cast goddamn Angela Bassett and given HER a prominent role.

As a teaster, it did look good, though.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed by the trailer, and cautiously optimistic as well...

adam k. said...

Doesn't the NBR announce tomorrow?

Where did Nathaniel actually go, anyway?

Glenn Dunks said...

I. Hate. Ben. Foster.

He gives one of the most embarassingly awful performances I've seen in a long time in Hostage. The wings looks cool though.


Joe R. said...

Wait, like, Bruce Willis Hostage? You were looking for ... good performances?