Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Movie Mashups 1

Y'all remember these movie mixers? We're doing it again this year starting on Thursday or Friday. Only this time with prizes.

But just to get you in the mood, here's a quick fix from the surreal multiplex inside me cinema-crazed cranium. (The movies -- They all bleed together this time of year. There's so many of them, you know.)

Anyway.... Now playing at a theater near you...
(Click on image to see the poster in its full glory)
How much would u love this film?


Joe R. said...

Holy shit, dude.

adam k. said...

That picture of Sandra Bullock (apparently) belting out one mean number is totally choice.

Poli said...


Glenn Dunks said...

I want the locks changed
You think I'm deranged
Get off of my stage
I'm so filled with rage


Everybody does it


Everybody feels it

We're all the same.
Playing the game.
Racial hatred's the name.

or, how about

That's the trouble with
They're all the same
Hangin' in their crib
Bullets down like rain

I hate your homies!
They stole my caaaar!
I hate your homies!
Didn't get faaar!

Where you from bro'?
What it to you?
I want in for sho'!
Jackin cars is what I do!

I hate your homies!
Guns in my faaace!
I hate your homies!
Outside of my plaaace!

Everybody now!

Gangs! Make the world go round!
Gangs! Responsible for lost and found!
Gangs are what makes LA such a crown!


(i tried my best - song writing ain't my forte)


ha ha

the opening stanza is the best:
"I want the locks changed
You think I'm deranged
Get off of my stage
I'm so filled with rage"

i don't think much of Crash as a racial drama but as a movie about indiscriminate hostility and displaced/misplaced ? rage (rageaholism) it's pretty great.

Anonymous said...

what about racism as misplaced rage?

Javier Aldabalde said...

King Kong TBA? C'mon Nat!

Glenn Dunks said...

Sandra Bullock's character is a perfect example of the misplaced rage symptoms. She sort of implies it through her own words, "I'm angry ALL the time" but she doesn't know at who or what or why.

So when she got carjacked she decided to vent all this anger through that situation.

or... that's what I figure.

Thanks Nat, I worked so hard on those lyrics! And by "worked so hard" I mean I spent 5 minutes thinking of rhyming words.

I can understand why a Kong rating is TBA. Your initial thoughts on that movie may indeed be quite different to what you feel a day later. Even I'm thinking of downgrading my B grade to a B- the further I get away from viewing it (as of now, exactly 24 hours ago the credits started to role)