Sunday, December 11, 2005

Los Angeles Loves Wyoming and Kansas

So, I'll put up an actual critics award page on the website once we have more than one but for now... check out the LAFCA prizes for 2005 movies. The Los Angeles based critics have given big Oscar boosts to the Wyoming lovers in Brokeback Mountain and that celebrated Kansas murder chronicler Capote. Their announcement was also good news in the below the line Oscar category hopes of Wong Kar Wai's rapturous looking 2046 and George Clooney's elegant Good Night and Good Luck. All in all there are solid calls all around from the other coast.

in short (because I am so sleepy)
PICTURE & DIRECTOR Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee
I just saw this again tonight so I'm smiling at its wins.
ACTRESS Vera Farmiga Down to the Bone
ACTOR Phillip Seymour Hoffman Capote
SUPP ACTOR William Hurt A History of Violence
I knew he had an awards future and people called me silly...
SUPP ACTRESS Catherine Keener Capote, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Interpreter (this is a really good call body of work wise but it hadn't occurred to me as a possibility)

as for my stab-in-the-dark predictions? I got Picture and Supporting Actor correct. The Los Angeles Critics obviously liked A History of Violence more than its showing here indicates. One wonders if the New York Critics will give it a more significant push on Monday? Stay tuned.


adam k. said...

Yeah, I'm feeling like aHoV will get best pic from NY... or maybe some kind of picture/director split between it and Brokeback/Lee.

I kind of hope someone else takes best actor (maybe Viggo?), but I feel like it'll be Hoffman once again.

Anonymous said...

I love how Brokeback Mountain spurs so much talk about Wyoming (even though the residents of that state--my parents included--are bound to hate the film).

Anyway...does anyone else think Catherine Keener could turn end up with a nomination this year given how wide open the races are? Maybe even for the 40 Year Old Virgin?

What a year this is...

Anonymous said...

Nat, you don't think Vera Farmgia is in the race at all despite the LAFCA win (she's not in your top 25)? Or is she ineligible? I know she's unlikely to get in, but this should build some buzz for her, shouldn't it?

adam k. said...

I've read on The Envelope that she is indeed eligible.

Give Nat a little bit of time to adjust his charts ; )

But getting in would be mighty tough for Vera. She'll need at least New York as well to be any kind of a major player, I think... but hey, N.Y. for her is very possible.

Anonymous said...

"Brokeback Mountain" and "A History of Violence"? Mr. Rogers must be exhilarating. The awards have started in a good pace.



my 2 favorites are theirs as well. Very rare.

I loved Keener in 40 Year Old Virgin but I never expected to see her honored for it.

John T said...

Frank Langella for Good Night, and Good Luck-that could be an interesting "we've never honored you before nomination" in a weak category.


i thought Langella was very good myself. If the film gets its BP slot, then he's in the running. I don't think he'll make it without the film.

Anonymous said...

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