Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's "You Know Who"'s Birthday

OK, well, "Voldemort" isn't blowing out his candles or anything, but the man who plays him in the latest Harry Potter film, Ralph Fiennes may be doing just that. He turns 43 today. He is one of my 50 favorite actors of all time. So Ralph, wherever you are, best wishes!

Forty-Three Reasons to Love Ralph Fiennes on his Forty-Third Birthday
43. Just look at him.
42. Doesn't even need his whole face to act (The English Patient & Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
41. They had to digitally erase the silhouette of his [ahem] 'manhood' from prints of Red Dragon so as not to shock audiences due to well, you know...
40. After a three year absence he's working. A lot.
39. He got to make out with Angela Bassett. (Strange Days)
38. He has a new movie coming out (The White Countess)
37. He likes older women.
36. He survived working with JLo.
35. He was half of one of the most blindingly pale but hottest sex couplings onscreen in recent years (The End of the Affair)
34. His middle name is my name.
33. OK... you didn't really think I was going to list 43 reasons did you?

I could. But seriously.... this list making has to end. skipping ahead. tra la la
01. He gave one of the greatest performances in modern cinema history (Schindler's List)


ryan said...

"this list making has to end." Um, am I just completely disoriented by my insane 3 1/2 hour (one-way, mind you) transit-stike-commute, or did I somehow slip into an alternate dimension. I'm so confused.

Dr. S said...

32. He can rock a cobalt shirt and chartreuse pants and melt the plastic right off my monitor.

Anonymous said...

31 He figured out how to make the best of his big break, but kept the secret from his brother Joe.


John T said...

Several more reasons:

30. He knows that when you've got the chemistry, make use of it (he's starred with Binoche and Weisz in two films, and will soon be seen with Kristin Scott Thomas in Chromophobia).

29. His patented intensity and bravado work in animated works as well (Prince of Egypt and Wallace and Gromit).

28. He's not afraid to play seedier characters.

27. The way he says "Dance with me" in The English Patient.

Anonymous said...

27a - The way he says "Dance with me..." always makes me think he's going to follow it with "...and together we'll explore the dark side."