Monday, December 19, 2005

Good Afternoon, and Good Luck.

President Bush is on TV right now as I type this (10:39 AM) desperately defending the Patriot Act and basically paraphrasing Senator McCarthy's 'keep an eye on those traitors in our midst' thing. Blech. So tired of this. I'm suddenly reminded that Good Night, and Good Luck. could make a serious run for the Oscar wins once it is nominated. Like Brokeback, it may be experiencing perfect time/perfect place support of the "this speaks for me / to my concerns" variety. This administration's penchant for paranoia and disregard for civil-rights never lets up, even in the face of falling approval ratings.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

Glenn Dunks said...

yeah, it is almost scarily more relevant now that it was back then.

Or, probably not, but it is scary how relevant it is.

Poli said...

So, when will Fox News launch a campaign against GNaGL, then?

Anonymous said...

GnaGL glorifies a mediocre journalist. The people investigated by the McCarthy Committee were all guilty, all of them were secret collaborators of a government that created one of the biggest genocides humanity has ever seen. The film talks about innocent people, but who were them? Of course, the answer does not exist, because all of them were, in fact, communists that defended a regime that killed at least 30 million people in the Soviet Union, and, even more impressive, 70 million in China and half of Cambodia’s population.

I don’t know why all of you glorify Clooney for making such a manipulative film.

Glenn Dunks said...

again, Mr or Mrs Anonymous is too scared to leave even a name, and they are the most snarky ones here.

I'd love for a debate, but... er, not with no-namers.

adam k. said...

I just don't want GNaGL to beat BBM if BBM is the superior film. And, also, I just want BBM to win because... you know. It'd just be a better world if people would walk into blockbuster and see the shelves full of copies of BBM saying "Academy Award WINNER - BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR" right over the Titanic-esque picture of Jake and Heath. It would make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, you should read more... Read about the Clinton-China stories and scandals, the relationship between Mrs. Kerry and some terrorists, and then you can talk to me. Before that, you're just someone who defends those poor Democrats talking to a guy that tries to see what CNN and the NYT don't tell us. Don't you remember the false scandal created by 60 MINUTES to disinform Americans and to elect the pathetic John Kerry.

Open your eyes. Open your mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about Cheney's scandals. We know them all. I'm talking about the absurdity of defending the Democrats, saying they're the good people fighting the bad ones (Bush & co.). I mean, come on, this ridiculous George Clooney makes a film that is nothing more than PUBLICITY against the republicans and everybody says he's a genius? Yeah, just like Michael Moore... If a director decided to make a film against the democrats, he would probably be insulted by you, wouldn't he?

P.S. Where were all of you pacifists when Saddam was killing thousands and thousands of curds in northern Irak? Where were you when Pol Pot killed half of Cambodia's population? Where are you now, when Fidel Castro kills people that simply say they don't like him? WHERE ARE YOU PACIFISTS?

I hope the Academy awards someone who makes movies, not publicity.


anonymous, the point of your earlier post --'nobody they investigated wasn't guilty of being a communist.' Regardless of whether or not that is true or untrue. America is a FREE country. People should be able to belong to any political movement or any religious movement they choose to. It's called FREEDOM. Yes, some people belong to things many of us disprove of. I certainly don't approve of a lot of religious organizations and societies and what not but that doesn't give me any right to say you can't join them.

You're suppose to have a choice in America. Your life is not supposed to be dictated by the current regime.

And you shouldn't be able to destroy someones life because they make a choice you don't personally agree with. Political affiliations, religion, sexual partners etc... --these things --well, the government has no business telling any of its citizens what to choose in these areas or persecuting them for choosing a less popular direction. The Government needs to stay out of our personal lives.

It's funny that the Republican party, who is always saying "less government less government" are the ones that actually support huge government intrusion. Just one example of their excellent command of Orwellian propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, these people supported the communists. That as bad as supporting the nazis. Why do you people consider a crime being a Nazi, but, at the same time, the communists ideas are not considered crimes against the Humanity?

Come on, this is not about freedom. This is about 100 hundred million people that were exterminated by the most sanguinary regime that has ever existed in the world.

People who support this regime are AGAINST freedom.

Or am I obligated to agree with someone who KILLS people?

Maybe you don't understand this because you live in a free country, because you don't know what Communism has done to the lives of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Cuba, Somalia, etc.

And, remember, I AM NOT defending the republicans. I'm just attacking the democrats. That's not the same thing.



"ideas" are not crimes. Only actions can be crimes. People should be free to be a member of any political party they choose. And all political idealogies have their pros and cons. If you think it's only Communist regimes that have killed people, think again.

George Clooney's film is NOT supporting regimes that murdered millions of people. It's supporting FREEDOM. You cannot have freedom if you persecute people based on their association with minority ideals.

Trust me --you wouldn't want to live in a country where if you did not tow the party line, you are considered a criminal. No matter how much George Bush and the right wing media want you to believe that Democrats are traitors, the only traitors to America are the ones who don't support the freedom of oppositional beliefs. American citizens SHOULD question their government. The government is supposed to be representing the people, not controlling, spying, or abusing the rights of its people.

You don't have freedom if everyone has to be the same and believe the same.

Jill said...

I like the way Anonymous spells Iraq as "Irak." It gives him/her that intellectual cred for which conservatives are so famous. ;)

It shows that he gets his news from the T-shirts Rob Wilco wears in the "Get Fuzzy" comic strip.

Anonymous said...

I don't vote for anybody. I just don't believe in any of them, here in the US...

Oh, and about the Foxnews thing: Foxnews is not worse than The New Your Times and CNN.

And Jill, sorry about the IRAK... or Iraq.
But conservatives have always been the majority of intelligent people: William Butler Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Guillaume Apollinaire, Karl Kraus, Paul Claudel, Boris Pasternak, Miguel de Unamuno, Hugo von Hoffmansthal, Stefan George, Rainer Maria Rilke, Saint-John-Perse, George Trakl, Konstantinos Kavaphis, Robert Penn Warren, Jorge Luís Borges, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Jules Supervielle, Eugenio Montale, Fernando Pessoa, Manuel Bandeira, etc. etc. etc.

Well, maybe you think leftist guys are always intelligent and always tell the truth... Yeah, just like MICHAEL MOORE (ouch!)