Sunday, December 03, 2006

And then there's Maude

Happy birthday to the glorious Julianne Moore! She turns 46 today, and while nobody can adore her quite like Nathaniel can, I'd like to salute one of my favorite Moore performances, as the irrepressible Maude Lebowski. Moore has a relatively short screen time in The Big Lebowski, but Maude is absolutely crucial to the plot. She's a feminist artist obsessed with sex, prone to odd verbiage and a strange intonation, but make no mistake: Maude Lebowski is the voice of reason.

Let me preface this clip by saying simply that Maude and The Dude have a somewhat complicated relationship.


Kamila said...

Julianne Moore is 46 years old? She looks amazing! Gorgeous! She is one of my favorite actresses!

Anonymous said...

love this. I love her line reading of "The storyline is ludicrous."

Anonymous said...


-one of the best living actresses.
Talented, amazing, outstanding, gorgoes.

Thank you for the "Big Lebowski" clip - it shows again what a talented multi-faceted actress Julianne Moore is, not only in dramatic films, also in comedy funny performances...

another example how funny she can be: "Cookies Fortune" by the great Robert Altman.

...Heart breaking and marvelous in
"Far From Heaven", "The Hours", "Magnolia", "Boogie Nights", "Short Cuts", "Surviving Picasso", "The Shipping News", "The Forgotten", and "Freedomland"...and so great, so devilish in "An Ideal Husband".

Thank You Julianne!
Go on SO!

Possible next film highlights:
"Children of Men", "I'm Not There", "Next" AND: "Savage Grace".

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and at this time, Julianne is having a huge broadway success;

"THE VERTICAL HOUR" by David Hare and Sam Mendes, and the clip shows how great she is.

Anonymous said...

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