Friday, December 22, 2006

Year in Review: This Blog (So Self Indulgent. So Meta)

2006 Year in Review: The First of Two Zillion Posts Looking Back on the Year That Was...

Some may find this particular post as annoying as those sitcom episodes where they use flashbacks (clipreels) instead of making a new episode. But considering the amount I'm pumping out for you daily, you can allow me the self indulgence. Behold: Three lists about this here blog in 2006 --minus the month we're in now. Those of you who've just joined us or have been naughty intermittent readers, you can catch up. The rest of you can sweetly reminisce about things that just barely happened. Good times.

a dozen semi randomly chosen favorites
12 Movie Meme it's still showing up in odd places ~ I'm so proud.
11 Rowlumbusitis Diagnosing a Hollywood disease.
10 untitled featuring Louise Brooks.
09 Melissa Etheridge Wants Angelina Jolie If you're in bed with Brad...
08 Request: The Sound of Music fun to write.
07 She's a Bitch (@ the movies) first adventure in iMovie
06 "Don't Turn the Projector Off!" on The Purple Rose of Cairo: this post was crucial in my decision to do the personal canon. I need to write more about movies I love to keep the cinema love alive in the face of bad movies.
05 Last Night I Met Kate Winslet a Little Children: the cocktail party
04 David Jude Law writing the Actors of the Aughts list chewed up a great chunk of time but I loved doing it. The discussions were much to chew on as well.
03 The Battle That Never Ends simple, still true.
02 Pfeiffer Blog-a-Thon Seeing the turnout in participation and readership was divine. Apparently I'm not the only one that loves Hollywood's MIA blonde legend.
01 The Whitakers Vs. The Del-Mar Twists Far From Heaven vs. Brokeback

Interesting Comments Sections
The Fountain plot and/or narrative?
Notes on Talking... I'm losing patience with Cate Blanchett. Readers aren't.
Oscar Night in Review on 'Black Sunday' --Brokeback's loss got y'all riled up --well over 100 comments.

Celebrity traffic boosters: These posts brought lotsa eyeballs
Scarlett Johansson Week The actress du jour
A History of ... Gyllenhaal Jake & Maggie mania and the birth of a popular series (on hiatus until '07 obviously)
A History of ... Angelina Jolie co-starring Haven, Pitt & Aniston
We Are All Nicole Kidman
a quiz
Hump Day Hottie: Channing Tatum ya pervs
Desperately Apeing Jennifer Connelly -misadventures of Jared Leto


Anonymous said...

"She's a Bitch" doesn't play anymore!


Glenn Dunks said...

It's totally been a bumper year, Nat! Way to go on actually sticking to it. And Merry Christmas.