Sunday, December 17, 2006


Celebrity Miscellania
Glitterati Gossip Christina Ricci fur fallout.
WOW Angie & Maddox & crickets.
Stale Popcorn Glenn finds his best actress. It ain't Mirren.

Twitch a Canadian top ten. The only film I'm even vaguely familiar with is Away From Her, which stars the legendary Julie Christie and will have a US release next year. Anyone wanna share info on the others?
Slant Ed & Nick deliver their top tens. (I wish Slant's lists weren't always so similar to one anothers but I don't mean that as a dig. It's just an observation. It's a thing that happens with other collective outlets too --an indication, perhaps, that the writers see or at least discuss all the movies together? Or maybe it's just that they hire people with similar taste so that the outlet has a specific aesthetic pov. I don't know. Just thinking aloud. But you see this elsewhere too. Again, not really about Slant. But I think who you view and discuss movies with does very much effect your reaction to said movies)
LA Times best of 2006

Hollywood Elsewhere Jennifer Holliday is upset about Dreamgirls but I wonder if she weren't an apparent recluse if she could've been in it? The always entertaining Loretta Devine (Crash, Boston Public), also a member of Dreamgirls original cast --she played Lorell, Anika Noni Rose's part now-- got not just a cameo but a cameo with a solo musical number.
Artifacts fun post on weaves, wigs and diva feuds. Starring: Beyoncé and JHud.


Anonymous said...

Of the Canadian films, Monkey Warfare's gotta be my favourite of a pretty predictable list, aside i guess from trailer park boys (!).

It's about a couple of aging 'hippies' in toronto and their young "BC Organic" pot dealer. Good times :).

Another good one: The Journals of Knud Rasmussen. You might remember 2001's 'Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner', another film by Zacharias Kunuk. 'Journals' is just as gorgeous and involving, about an Inuit Shaman.

Good list, but even most canadians have no clue what these are :(
(i could only recognize five and i'm a bit of a CanCon film nut, as you might gather). :)

Anonymous said...

Re: those Canadian films. Radiant City was pretty cool. It's a documentary about suburbia by Gary Burns, who's from Calgary and normally makes narrative films. Calgary has some of the worst urban sprawl anywhere, and Burns does a good job of making its suburbs essentially look like soulless prison camps that just happen to have Best Buys and steakhouses. There's a 'twist' at the end that came completely out of left field.

Manufactured Landscapes is about a photographer named Edward Burtysnky who works with landscapes that were created by industrialization and globalization. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently it's a lot more interesting than my synopsis makes it sound. His photos are gorgeous.

Trailer Park Boys is a massively popular show in Canada that is sort of the love child of Cops, Strange Brew and the mockumentary format of the Office. It's been going for about five seasons now - I think it aired in the US for a short while on BBC America (!?) but I don't know if it does anymore. That's a shame. It's really, really funny. I want to say the movie is, too, but I haven't seen it yet.

Craig Hickman said...

Recluse or not, Jennifer Holliday's difficult reputatio precedes her. I don't think the producers wanted any part of her on the set.

adam k. said...

I feel bad for Jennifer Holliday. She is God, and deserves better.

But yeah, she seems rather emotionally unstable.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who isn't particularly concerned with Ricci's clothing on the magazine cover? It seems pretty silly to stop being a fan of someone simply because she wore what was essentially a costume. Does she wear fur normally?

Anonymous said...

...and is it real or faux fur?