Friday, December 22, 2006


I can't sleep for reasons too annoying to go into here. The worst thing about insomnia is not that you're awake. It's that you aren't fully awake. So instead of a new snazzy article (and I'm aware that there are a million movies I need to write about) you get a few links.

popbytes amazing photos of Winslet
new now next MaddyMo to direct a movie? a gay latino boxing movie?
GreenCine interview with Cuaron on Children of Men, which is really growing on me --anxious to see again.

and, finally, I'd like to point on two blogs completely echoing my exact thoughts on recent news items: savage cats on the Gong Li golden flower 'controversy' and film ick on Samantha Morton's replacement on Transibberian


adam k. said...

Wow, kate looks incredibly natural with blonde hair and a fake tan. Those are possibly the most beautiful photos of her I've seen. Ever.

Anonymous said...

She's fine...and I second what Adam K. said.

Jason Adams said...


That link at savagecats isn't working, so I have no clue what the deal is with Gong-Li corset complaints. Is she popping out too much for China?

And I too find it horrific that there's nary a mention of how Samantha Morton is doing. Like, is she okay? Or is she gonna be all Montgomery Clift post-accident?


Yeah, complaints about the abundant heaving bosoms. which are one of the best special effects in the movie obviously

adam k. said...

Kate kinda looks like Heidi Klum on this cover.

Never thought I would say that.