Sunday, December 31, 2006

Smackdown 1975

Chez Lulu another Supporting Actress Smackdown is busting out. This time it's for the ladies from 1975 (the Nasvhille girls and more...)

She makes it look "easy". Lily Tomlin gets my vote for her confident quiet take on a
highly compartmentalized woman in the great great great
Nashville (1975).

Given all the year end screenings and write-ups I'm attempting, I didn't have time to do all four 1975 screenings. I was going to skip Nashville on account of the familiarity but I ended up obsessing on it all over again at the expense of seeing the other movies. But I did fashion another clipreel for Lulu and the gang despite being booted from YouTube. Not entirely sure what happened there. Everything I see on YouTube is fan-posted movie & tv clips (all of which = copyright infringement) so how come it was little old me that got banned? Is it because I promote older flicks as opposed to the latest clip featuring whoishotrightnow on showthateveryonewatches?

P.S. Next Sunday is the 2006 Supporting Actress Blog-a-Thon. A couple of dozen blogs will be doing FYCs for individual performances they love from this past year. I haven't picked my chick quite yet but I'm definitely on board.

P.S. 2 OK. Now go on over to Lulu's and see what we all had to say about Lily Tomlin and the others. Join the conversation.


Anonymous said...

They didn't just take down some of your videos but they actually terminated your account? And they didn't tell you why?