Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Must Love Links

some good reads...
Slant on hijacking awards season
Nerve eavesdropping at the NYFCC [src]
ModFab on the best song contenders
But I Always Like a Good Storm on the ever delicious John Barrowman.
Defamer on the straight-washing of Heroes only gay character.

some good views...
Cinema Strikes Back has Volver wallpaper for your screen
popbytes on Illeanarama which is like an unexpected early Christmas gift for Illeana Douglas fans like myself. And I thought I was alone...
East News stills from the first of 3 Pfeiffer Pfilm coming in 2007 (thx, AJ)

and some Devil Wears Prada lovin' to send you off
samurai frog on the loaded DVD & the greatness of Hathaway
Dennis Lim Streep, "a goddess among mere mortals" (thx, Mick)

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