Monday, December 18, 2006

You Linky, You

AfterElton The Year in Queer (Movies)
Cinematical Jeffrey Anderson offers up his ten best list.
In Contention So does Kris Tapley. But he cheats with a tie for #1 ;)
Flick Filosopher finds the force in Eragon. Funny because her criticism is spot on about this shamelessly derivative movie.
ModFab tells Mel Gibson where to stick it.
Electronic Cerebrectomy names the best movie posters of the year.
Edward Copeland on the 20th anniversary of Little Shop of Horrors

And you may have heard that TIME magazine named me the person of the year. I have nothing to say about this other than "duh!" but I like these posts about Time's pronouncement @ Brevity is Wit and ModFab and I also like that I get a beautiful shout out at QTA under "Best Blogs". Today was a happy day. mwah.


Kris said...

No love for the IC top ten list. BURN!


oh sorry. didn't see it yet. ya gotta get yaself an rss feed.


I wasn't paying as close attention as i do know till around 1997 or so and it's definitely one of the weakest I've lived through (whilst paying attention) --but 2003 was also rough. i say every three years is rough. ;)

Kris said...

I think you can subscribe to it or something on the sidebar. Those things are Greek to me in any case.

And it ain't cheating! Well, it is, but it's not, because...well, read the comments section.

And this year rocks. Yer both wrong, wrong double wrong.

adam k. said...

Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how much I've agreed with Kris' top ten list this year. The only one of those I just can't get behind in any way is Stranger Than Fiction. The others I've admired quite a bit, at least the ones I've seen. Can't wait for Children of Men and Inland Empire.

I must say, Chris (if you're listening), sometimes I find you absolutely impossible to take seriously (the vicious Prada hatred, for example, was just "throw up my hands" ridiculous... and don't get me started about Crash), but other times I really enjoy you and find you quite insightful. In any case, this list/article has somewhat redeemed your taste in my eyes, and I must say, you have a nice site. I will keep reading.

p.s. I can't comment on "In Contention" cause I have issues signing onto whatever your thing is.

Neel Mehta said...

Thanks, as always, for the Brevity plug.

And I have no idea whether 2006 was a good year for movies because I fear that my taste has become crappy.

Kris said...

Thanks Adam.

You're the second person that's told me the Typekey is weird. I don't know what gives, but sorry you can't comment.

Beau said...

2005 was worse.


how so, Brokeback History of Violence, Cache, etc... 05 = way better