Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Links, Episode #213

Cinematical on the flops of 2006 and (unrelated) Spike Lee doing James Brown. Hey, Malcolm X felt good.
ModFab points to the best NYC stage experiences this year.
Lassiter Space his thoughts on Sedaris vs. Burroughs. Where do you stand? I prefer Sedaris, actually.
OpieBlue on Buffy 'season 8' albeit in non moving pictures form. Damn.
Stephanie Zacharek's top ten list. Marie-Antoinette, yay!
Dave Kehr on the new additions to the National Film Registry. Fargo, Notorious, sex lies and videotape –wheeee.


Anonymous said...

Re: James Brown biopic

The adaptation of Malcolm X was kinda a snooze. I do hope Spike does justice to James Brown (and not merely depict him in a-by-the-numbers arc).

Brown was a man of immense contradictions. While Brown was a life-long staunch supporter of civil rights and the poor, he was also a wife beater and alcoholic.

Scott said...

I also (greatly) prefer Sedaris. Maybe not all his stories are fall on the floor funny - but many of them are.

And c'mon, for this time of year Holidays on Ice is a classic.