Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rip on a Tear

Oh, dear. Yet another celebrity DUI arrest. At least he didn't cuss out the cops this time, which is an improvement. Rip Torn is clearly capable of growth; he's gone from B-movie roles to more highbrow stuff, including a critically-acclaimed turn as Louis XV in Marie Antoinette.

While I loved his work in Defending Your Life and The Beastmaster, the Rip Torn Moment that comes to mind the most right now is from The Larry Sanders Show, as Torn prefaces his criticism of the show with a bellow of: "I just had a bourbon-and-ham sandwich!" Which is kinda sad, considering Torn's 50-year career. But at least when he got pulled over this time, he let the ham do the talking.

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Lucas Dantas said...

Aww... I know it sounds corny but he's an example that we don't see everything. We praise the celebrity life and sometimes forget they're human beings like us. I wish him the best.