Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The (Mostly) Unseen Contenders of '06: The Good Shepherd


Release Date
: December 22nd

MPAA Rating: R for some violence, sexuality and language

Ten Words Or Less
: How the C.I.A. got started (Patriot Act not included).

Reason For Existence: The oddest cast of the year assembles for DeNiro's pet project (Matt Damon, Keir Dullea, Angelina Jolie, Michael Gambon, William Hurt, Alec Baldwin, Ann Hampton Calloway, and -- wait for it -- Joe Pesci).

Mathematical Equation: The Conversation + Good Will Hunting + African adoption (1 Baldwin), multiplied by Raging Bull to the third power

Take A Look
: "Everybody has secrets to tell...mine are bigger than others." (Oh stop it with the bragging, Matt.)

Early Buzz (Good)
: "An intense, fascinating, pulsating and passionate depiction of a chapter of American History." - Somebody, Ain't It Cool News

Early Buzz (Bad)
: "There is not one truly inspired shot in the entire film. I was hoping that, as DeNiro has worked the most with Martin Scorsese, there would be at least a touch of Scorsese's filmmaking ability. I seem to have expected way too much." - Different Somebody, Ain't It Cool News

Oscar Locks: None (though close in Best Film)

In The Running: Best Film, Best Director (Robert DeNiro), Best Actor (Damon), Best Actress (Jolie), Best Screenplay (Eric Roth)

Long Shots
: Cinematography (Robert Richardson), Editing (Tariq Anwar), Costumes (Ann Roth)

Completely Irrelevant Best Picture Odds
: 5-1

Why It's Essential
: DeNiro directing for the first time since A Bronx Tale, Pesci in a movie for the first time in ages, and Angelina on screen for the first time since hooking up with Brad.

The Achilles Heel
: One can nearly choke on all the verissimilitude. That's some serious schmacting, my friends.

The Verdict
: Universal has two possible ponies to ride in the Oscar race. I've seen the other one, Children of Men, and I don't expect it to be more than a minor factor. So expect an all-out campaign for this once the reviews are in.

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adam k. said...

OK, but how is this a "near-lock" for best picture?

Perhaps that'll become clear once people see it...

Kris said...

This ain't a lock, kiddies...


i think ModFab is just pulling y'alls chain a little.

i'll be back soon. just checkin in...

Lucas Dantas said...

This is the one film from all the buzzed ones I have no excitement about. Angelina Jolie is so overrated that her face bores me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathaniel. I've been pulling chains all week, but my humor hasn't been as obvious as I expected.