Friday, October 12, 2007

20:07 (My Beautiful Laundress)

screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

By popular demand, the 20:07 series returns. One final month of screen capturey goodness each weekday morning. Take it away, Kate...

"Some things belong on paper, others in life. Blessed fool who can’t tell the difference!"


Anonymous said...

my fave rush turn and my least fave winslet turn.

Unknown said...

Didn't like the movie much, but love to see 20:07 again!

Anonymous said...

I love Quills. Primarily for Joaquin.

Kurtis O said...

OMG, I Loooove Quills. It's so watchable. I've seen it so many times. I agree with anon: this is Geoffrey Rush's finest hour for me, and probably my fave perf. of that year.